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Water Pump failed on my CRX today, towed it home.

Sitting at my house, jacked up, wheel off. Looks like its painfully easy to do, I just don't have any experience setting timing and quite frankly it intimidates me.

From the guides I'm reading online, it says pretty much:

-Remove crank pulley (17mm bolt)
-Remove timing covers
-Loosen tensioner and remove belt
-Replace whatever
-Set timing, replace belt
-Re-attach everything

The car's a damn SOHC, its a VERY VERY simple layout, but like I said, I just don't know what to do with timing stuff. The only difficult part will be removing the crank pulley bolt, but from the looks of things we can do it 3S-style and prop a breaker bar up on the chassis.

I need this fixed tonight or tomorrow morning if at all possible. I have lights and tools.

Whoever comes to help I can give misc. 3S parts (tons available), $20, pizza, beer, or any combination of the above.

Realistically, it looks like a one-hour job, seriously.

(817) 999-0494, like I said, need it fixed immediately, so please call.


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hey brian, i just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to come get those bearings! You are a great friend! I wish i could have stayed and helped with your honda but we are just about to head out to see band play! Tomorrow I have to head back to my area and get gerreds car back together! To be honest with you if we had about one more week than we do now before the gathering I would love to come and help with the honda! Unfortunately, we are less than a week away and I still have my 3s to get ready before the gathering. Everythings so rush rush hussle hussle to be ready for the gathering its kind of stressful. I couldnt believe that I found time to come out this way to get away from all of that but my fiance going out of town was the key to getting out of the house. Well thanks again and we'll be seeing you next weekend!

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Water Pump;
1. Drain cooling system, then remove alternator belt.
2. Loosen clamps and remove upper coolant hose at pump, along with bracket.
3. Loosen attaching bolts and remove the water pump pulley.
4. Remove the Timing Belt Cover and Timing Belt. Refer to Engine Mechanical / Timing Components / Timing Belt / Service and Repair.
5. Loosen attaching bolts and remove water pump, along with O-ring.
6. Reverse procedure to install, replacing the O-ring with a new one.

NOTE: When refilling cooling system, loosen bleed bolt on heater valve or water outlet, as equipped, and allow coolant to flow out until stream is free from bubbles.

Timing Belt;

1. If necessary, loosen alternator and remove alternator drive belt.
2. Remove valve cover.
3. Remove upper timing belt cover.
4. Rotate crankshaft until No. 1 cylinder is at TDC (top dead center) compression stroke, then align camshaft sprocket timing marks as shown. Crankshaft may be rotated with engine installed in vehicle using a socket wrench inserted through access hole in the front of left fender well,
5. Working through the lower belt cover, loosen the belt tensioner adjuster and adjustment bolt. Do not remove the adjustment bolt.
6. If the timing belt is going to be re-used, mark it's direction of rotation at this time.
7. Draw the timing belt carefully off the driven or camshaft sprocket.
8. Remove driven gear from camshaft by loosening attaching bolt. Be careful not to lose the special washer and key, Fig. 42
9. Remove crankshaft pulley from crankshaft end by loosening the attaching bolt. Be careful not to lose the key.
10. Remove lower cover but leave the loosened adjustment and pivot bolts in place, and then remove timing belt.
11. If necessary, remove timing belt tensioner and timing belt driving gear.
12. Reverse steps 4 through 10 to install.
13. For final adjustment, proceed as follows:

1. Rotate crankshaft until No. 1 cylinder is at TDC (top dead center) compression stroke.
2. Working through lower belt cover, loosen belt tensioner adjustment bolt. Do not remove adjustment bolt.
3. Rotate crankshaft counterclockwise until camshaft timing gear has rotated three teeth to place tension on timing belt.
4. Torque adjustment bolt to 31-35 ft. lbs.

14. If crankshaft pulley bolt loosened during previous steps, torque bolt to 83 ft. lbs.

That help you much? ;)


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