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Need help installing MSD DIS-6A

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I know a number of you have installed the DIS4 for the DOHC cars, but I have a SOHC with a distributor. Has anybody done this? I can get a local speed shop to do this for me, but I'd rather save the hundered bucks, and know how it goes in in case I need to remove/tweak it in the future. Thanks.
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Find Eric from the Charlotte Gathering...he had a 99 SOHC that he put an MSD on. out there??? (can't remember his username)

Do not buy the msd dis thats for cars withought distributors. Im running a MSD-6AL in my car and i also have a SOHC. Theres another guy running the MSD-6 on this site. The guy with baby viper. I hear the cats ass of these boxes is the Digital 6 box. The MSD box is easy to install. If you decide to get it you will ned the tach adaptor for it. If not you wont see your rpms. I also installed the blaster 3 coil to replace he stock one. It comes with an installation book to show you how to put it in. Super easy i promise. Any questions feel free to ask. Ill try to et you an answer to the best of my knowledge. Good Luck!!
yea, don't forget to get a tach adapter. If you don't want to get the tach adapter, you could always get one of those huge tach gauges that mounts on the dash. I have mine (MSD box) mounted inside the engine bay. It is between the K&N filter and the passenger headlight, mounted on the side. It is not that hard to install. I did not have all the tools that I needed to install it myself (at college and didn't feel like driving home to use all of the tools). It shouldn't take too long for you to install yourself. The instructions that came witht the box should work fine. IF I ever get my car back from the dealership I will take some pictures of where and how the MSD box was installed.
Please do!

It's been sitting in my garage collecting dust for the past 2 months now! I REALLY want to get that damned thing installed. What tools will I need? How long am I looking to spend? Where do I get a tach adapter? Price? Sorry to bombard you guys. Thanks.
I think the tach adapter was like $30

Umm, why do you have racing strips? Most people have racing stipEs. :D
haha, never noticed that.....fixed it ...thanks;) ;) ;) ;)
I was just wondering, Okay, what's the neccessary parts needed to get MSD6A working? You read up there that You also need a tach adapter? That was never mentioned when I was buying the MSD 6A Ignition Control. What's the part number for the Tach Adapter? Also what does timing controls do? What's the best one to get? can you recommand me one from here: ? Thanks..


Hey Silent thunder sounds like you and i probably mounted our boxes in the same spot. How funny. As for the tach adapter Super C, you can order throught summit racing. i ordered mine and got in on my doorstep next day. I believe i paid roughly 30 bucks also. Super easy install, Maybe an hour tops. Good luck
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