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Need help from the guys that have the ARC2 KIT.

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Hi ,guys,
i just took the car to the electric work shop so i can put the GTPRO ARC2 KIT with the upgrade air flow meter.
After conecting the wires and check that everithing is ok we try to start the car but the car doesn't start.
Any advise are verry welcome.
I do not know what to do.
Also i try to find some info and check the STEALTH316.COM Juliuce page .
Also ,this will sound bad but what is the OBD-II and how can i know witch one is my car.
MY E-MAIL IS: [email protected]
Thanks and please help.:( :( :( :(
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Doesnt start does not tell us a whole lot. Be more specific. Does it turn over etc...?

Btw. your signature is ridiculous. :rolleyes:
after the instalation of the ARC2 the first time that we try to start the car it look like it was going tostart and then sudenly it smells too mutch fuel came out from the exhaust.
note that i did not instaul the air/fuel meter yet.
i do not know mabe the sparks plugs are burnd.
also after intauling the turbo's , biger fuel pump and the 550cc injectors and before to instaul the ARC2 i drive the car to the electritian and all the time the car was too ritch.
sorry that i can expain beter but my english are a litle rust.
Change your plugs...they're probably fouled.
thanks man i will try that
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