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Need Advice & Opinions

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Best component set? MB Quart or infinity perfect?

I have been collecting different car audio components
and need advice on what would be an ideal car stereo. Looking for spl and sound quality. What would be the best to keep and what should I get rid of to get something else?

Head unit: alpine cva1005
CD changer: alpine 12 disk ainet
Amp: phoenix gold xs4600
Stock speakers
Sub: 1 12in phoenix gold xmax in sealed box
VCR, Playstation

Not yet installed:
1. Amps: phoenix gold ms2250, phoenix gold ms1000,
earthquake phd2 shredder 2001 model
2. Line driver: PLD1 phoenix gold
3. EQ/pre-amp/crossover: Rockford Fosgate symmetry EPX2 w/28
4. SUBS: Infinity Perfect 2, 10s Thinking of getting 2 jl audio
w7 and selling the perfects?
5. Bass processor/ spl display/ para-bass equalization:
Audio control epic-150
6. Compacitor: Phoenix gold 15 farad powercore
7. Infinity perfect 6.5 components and
8. Infinity kapa 3 way 6x9s

Note: The local stereo shops say I should get rid of the perfects and go with mb quard qsd or q series components. Any opinions on this?
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i dont know anything about it but please post some pics of your 3si with the plastation and the rest of your audio system, cant wait
Not quite sure what you're going to do with all those channels of amplification, though the MS is an excellent choice. I'd suggest something more befitting the caliber of that system in terms of components: Focal, Dynaudio, Rainbow, new PG Elite, etc.

W7 is a great choice too. That MS1000 bridged, one set of bridged channels to each, will blow your mind.

Scrap the Shredder, the XS amp, and run the comps off the 2250.
I always suggest scrapping the rear speakers too...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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