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hey guys,
i need a 1994 base 3000gt rim.. just one .. soon! will pay any decent price if i can get it shipped here fast! let me know guys!
I dont really care about the tire condition either.. as long as teh rim is straight and not bent, i'll take it!


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Tires and Rims

I spent like $125 on each tire and they only have
maybe 10k on them they still look new.
So if you each buy a tire and rim...
I will give you both a really good deal.
$100 each plus shipping..
Probally $125 total.. so that's a tire and rim for
what I paid for just the tire..
They are in good condition..
I can take a pic.. but I don't have a scanner..
I can scan and email you a picture when I go
back to work on monday..
I have a 3 day weekend this weekend.
Fri,Sat, Sun off..
So if you and T-Do wanna do that it will work out for
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