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Ok, I'm speaking of measured hp and not butt dyno, but of course the later is what rules. The idea is to find out what to design and build that finally will also be bought and installed. The idea is to create some stages of modifications and to give a good start that can a lot people afford. In the general the mods may be :
- active intake (any charger system)
- tuneable exhaust
- headers
- cold air intake
- smooth aluminum intake
- ...

Ok, we only look for hp gain, no appearance nor handling, just raw power. The combination of the upper list will be possible like headers will be designed for turbos or direct to the exhaust.

Let me know !
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I would spend $1000 for a 5-10 hp gain only if future modifications would produce more gains because of the original mod. I think there needs to be a balance between high priced items that only produce a few HP and low priced items that produce a lot of HP.

Since my car is N/A, more money will have to be spent to get the kind of gains seen by the turbo guys. The turbo guys have the best deal going: spend ~$300 for a boost controller and get ~40 more HP. That's only $7.50/HP! (numbers are an estimate)

Just to throw around some numbers for the items I would like to have:
Exhaust: (Headers, downpipe, high flow cat, cat-back) ~$1500
Fuel controller: (including new injectors, and fuel pump) ~$1500
Underdrive pulley (with vibration dampener) ~$200

That's roughly $3200 for an estimated 50HP gain. So, $64/HP and I haven't even reached 300HP yet! I would like to spend less, say around $40/HP.


If you increased the HP on an NA by 50, the HP to Weight ratio for the NA would be better than that of a 320HP VR4...not by much, but it would be better.
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