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Mysterious wire

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I am trying to install an Alpine cd player in my 93 Vr4. I cant get it to work though. i have tested the wires, and the red power wire IS hot, but there are some wires that went into the factory stereo that I dont know what they do. There is a large plug that has the power, ground, speakers,etc,. There is a banana plug for the antenae, there is a small plug that has two yellow wires that I now think are for the factory amp(that I dont have)and then there is a small banana plug that is connected to a grey wire. I did an experiment to see what was necessary.
I plugged in the main plug into my factory stereo, and I plugged in the antenae wire. Power would not come on. I plugged in the "amp" pug...nothing happend. So I unplugged the "amp" wire and plugged in the small banana plug. Wallah! POWER! Okay..problem solved right? WRONG! What is this small banana plug and how do I wire it into my wiring harness for the Alpine? I dont think it is a ground wire because I tried touching the ground wire from my harness to it and still nothing happend. HELP!!!
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I believe that the banana plugs are for the 2 antennae. Also, i believe the harness with the yellow wires is for the steering wheel controls. Dont quote me on this stuff, these are just my quick assumptions.
2 antennae? Do I have a second one somewhere?(93')
The single gray wire is for the steer wheel controls
Your testing method is flawed. The small one is an antenna and your radio came on because it provided ground. The stock wiring harness doesn't have a ground; it's grounded by its frame. So, with it out of the dash so you can plug things into it, it doesn't have a ground until you plug in an antenna.

Your secondary antenna is in the hatch glass.

92StealthTT- Which wire are you referring to? When looking at the back of the unit, the two banana plugs on the right side are for the antennae, right? I noticed that both of them go to the rear of the vehicle. I know they arent for the speakers, so i assumed they were the antennae. Then i thought the black harness on the left side with a couple yellow wires going in were the wheel controls. I definetely could be wrong, i was just hoping for a sure-fire answer. Thanks man.
Here's the way my car is.

The bigger white connector has the powers & speaker (+). The smaller white connector has the speaker (-) & some other stuff, not really sure what.

Simple, antenna connection.

Not sure what this is for, 1 yellow wire with a small black connector on the end, whatever it's for, must not be too important, I'm not using it.
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Hmm, yours looks a little different than mine. Thats odd.
Don't know what stereo you had stock, I had the two single din units, tape deck on top & cd player below.
Same here. At times like these, i wish i had bought that digital camera.
The yellow wire by itself is the steering wheel control wire.

I swapped a radio from a 93 VR4 (the 2 DIN one with sound fields, etc) into a 93 Stealth and they were identical. I haven't looked indepth at the harnesses between 92 and 93 models but I'd assume they're the same.
There! Got it to work! I went to my local stereo installation place to ask...okay for future reference...
The small banana plug IS for a second "internal" antenae.
The small plug with the two yellow wires is for the steering wheel controls.
Neither of these are necessary for an aftermarket stereo.
And if it doesnt work after you plug it in you probably have the same problem I did. A 93' Vr4 has the Ignition turn on switch routed throught the power windows fuse. Mine was blown. :)
I checked alot of fuses, but didnt know about the power window connection. Problem solved!
Sweet :p
internal antena ??

So does this mean you could put the deck to that internal antena and remove the electric antena on the rear quarter of the car ? Has anyone tried reception with that grey wire ??
The internal connector is much smaller than the external you would have to have some kind of an adaptor to connect it to an aftermarket stereo, plus it probably wouldnt get very good reception. The internal was designed to work WITH the external...not by itself. You could try it though! Let us know!!
I have never tried using the small antenna by itself but you can use a common GM antanna adapter (cheap from any car stereo store / RadioShack) to make it the right size.

naughtyTT -

Of course the small plug was for an antenna and the yellow did the steering wheel - that's what I said it did :) I owned a car stereo store "back in the day" (early 90s) and will be opening another in the next few months.

Boo-yah! Are you going to be the car stereo hookup guy for 3si? You'll be hearing from me frequently!
Ever notice that the only advice I usually give is electric-related? I'm not too versed on the heavy duty mechanic stuff (I can do things like turbo swaps) but when it comes to the electrical I've got it down pat.

Of course I'll offer deals to 3si members, and I plan to develop custom-fit boxes for the hatch, either in place of the spare or in the well behind the seat. All of this hinges on whether we open the store or not. I'm more of a consultant this time around - it's a friend who's opening the place. If it all goes together it will be something major!
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