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My next car project ------>

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I decided that I am done with my VR4 for awhile. I am very content with the performance. So I decided to move my resources to the next project. I am really gonna like this one.

It's a 1968 Datsun 1600 Roadster Convertable. My grandpa bought it for my mom in 1971, then my mom died and it has been sitting in his garage since then. It only has 17k miles on it but it had a fire and burnt up the wiring and interior. So it is in need of total restoration. I plan to bring it back to 99% stock form. My grandpa also bought 2 junk roadsters, so basically all I need to do is collect everything from him and put it together, paint it, etc...

Here is a pic of it's current status:


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here is a pic of what it will look like when I'm done. Except I am gonna paint it blue and probably put the original rims on it.

What do you all think? It will not be fast, but it will be a sweet cruiser.


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Good luck with this. Keep us posted with pics and info. It's always fun to restore a classic.
throw some pimp rimps on that thing and it will be nasty.
OOH then turbocharge it... oohh.. then supercharge it... oooh.. yeah yeah yeah!
good luck.. looks like it will be nice when youre done.
Sounds like fun, How much do those generally go for?
In perect restored condition and in Shot condition?

Matt - Contact BudhaThrilla

He told me he's on his way to O'ville this weekend to pick up a Datsun2000 project car.

Same car - different engine. I drove a couple of them when they were new - - oooohh old aren't I
wow thats crazy! 2 of us getting a datsun roadster in the same week and we know eachother!!! weird.

Modding this thing will be useless. Just like modding a Honda :D

It has 96HP and is a 4 speed. It's just gonna be for cruis'n down by the beach and *maybe* autocrossing, but I doubt it.

A fully restored one will run around $6000, you can pick up really bad ones for $500. They are just kinda rare. In fact, I have only seen one besides mine ever. My dad (grandpa, long story) was offered $2500 for his but he wanted me to have it instead :)

It will be a long time before I get to dig in, probably another year. I was just excited today :)
LOL, that's awsome! I can see you driving it too :D Is it a I-4 or I-6?

i-4 carborated!
why don't you throw in a v-8, I have heard and seen that most of the datsun can be fitted witha v-8 fairly easily. Unless restoration is your thing, which I like to, but there is nothing like a sleeper:eek:

My dad had one of those.... it was awesome. Had the removable hardtop, etc. I can't believe he sold it just because he needed "extra room" in the garage. It wasn't a fast car, but because you're practically sitting on the ground, it feels like you're flying.

Good luck with the project Matt, you'll love that car!
Supercharge it!

J/k. Nice project car! A buddy of mine in Fayetteville has a tiger he's restoring. Keep us updated.
If i want to race, I'll break out the VR4! I just want to restore this car to it's original state. It's kinda sentimental because my grandpa was gonna fix it up for my mom. But now he is too old. It just wouldn't be right to screw around with it (like i did with my vr4).

thanks for the comments guys :D

Plus I am also gonna inherit a '72 240Z from my grandpa. I can make that one fast :)
Hey Matt - no more coincidences between you and I (JSpec first, now Datsun)

Well having a 1968 Datsun 510 as my gas mileage car (fully setup for autocross including dual Weber DCOEs and a 5 speed) all I can say is go for it - they're not as rare out here in CA as they are back there but it will make a nice project. There is a loyal following, but I do not know if there is a board or what the other resources are. It's great you have two parts cars - almost nothing is interchangeable with any other Datsuns.

BTW there is no way the 2000 is the same car but with a bigger engine. I almost bought a 2000 as my first car when I was 16 but it had a blown head gasket and I didn't feel like I could do the job (stupid I know). The 2000 is extremely rare, came with a 5-speed (unheard of for that time) and I believe aluminum body panels (I could definitely be wrong about that). But IIRC there were less than 1000 2000s made.

The 2000s were the last of the old cars before the Z debuted in late 1969 so they were trying to add some punch to their line-up to compete with the Toyota 2000 (anyone ever see "You only live twice" Bond movie - it's what the Asian babe was driving to pick up Bond early in the movie). Great Car - so what happened Toyota?
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Hey Matt, get an old 280Z turbo motor and throw in it. :) :D lol

Dude...that's sweet...when you are finished, you'll have no problems picking up all the southern chicks :D

He's need a truck for that. Prefereably a chevy. Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that...:rolleyes:
There is not much more fun than fixing up an old beater like that. You should have a great time with it. Good luck!
Personally I'm about done with the Stealth. She won't go much quicker on pump gas. I might get some cam gears and a stand alone ECU but thats about it. I'm thinking the next project car is going to be a super touring 69' Chevelle.
-400 Small Block w/forged internals and 7.8-1 compression
-LT1 fuel injection system w/Accel DFI and VERY large fuel system
-LT4 intake/heads/timing gear set w/ a custom cam
-Two big turbos (Size to be determined) on custom headers
-Front mount intercooler
-All Autometer dash
-T-56 6-speed tranny w/3.73's in the rear
-17-18" wheels with 315-335's out back
Pretty much a combination of everything I've learned and love.
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