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my Jeep just got hit, need advice

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Ok so I'm ready to hurt someone right now, I just walked outside to my Jeep to see a nice dent in my passenger door. It's weird in that it's literally a straight line about a foot long. I really don't have money to fix this right now but it's so noticable and pisses me off because the body is(was) in really nice shape. Is there anything I can do myself, or done fairly cheap at a body shop? Thanks.
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what kind of jeep, I could find you a number of replacement panels for those cars that you just weld on and paint. Depending on the model, some panels can just be unbolted and replaced all together, that was the whole point of the jeep, to have replacable parts for the war. Also, it is metal which means all you have to do is pull the dent, 10 bucks for a puller, and then buy some bondo ~5 bucks, and sand it smooth. Then have it painted. My wrangler had holes on the rocker panels that I could use as steps. The rear quarter panel was so rotted that the door almost fell off, now no one believes me that I used fiber glass and bondo to fix it. it took me about a month to go from rusted to painted, and put in a sweet sound system.
Don't worry. Hopefully you have uninsured motorist coverage. For only about a hundred bucks a year it's great because if you come out and find your car has been hit the coverage takes care of it. You don't have to pay any deductable. :D
Sorry to hear that, same thing happened to my 3000SL--bunch of cowards!!! I just recently purchased an '88 XJ and was surfin for a forum and came across this--seems like a good place--

Good luck!
it's a 94 Grand Cherokee Laredo, thanks for all the responses. I'm probably going to go to a body shop around here (I'm at school) and see what kind of estimate they give me. I might try and do it myself if it's real expensive. KCalvano, use It's a great forum.
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