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My first testing out of my car with the crappy stock clutch.

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I posted this in a forum I moderate... tell me what you think. And I can't really launch in my car due to the clutch slippage.Ok.... well last night I wanted to test out my 3KGT. So originally I was going to race against my wife in the Prelude. But one of our friends pulled up in his Hybrid (supposedly) 12 to 13 second civic. Now let me say straight out that this guy is a better racer than me. His team(Team Thrust in SD) hooked him up with the Turbo and new engine for his ride. So I'm assuming they know what they are doing since all engine modifications are done in his garage.
Well anyhow... we pull up to a stoplight right there on 8th in National City. Light turns green and we just punch it. I've had problems with my clutch fully catching, and I'm still having problems with it. But regardless my 1st gear is strong, so by the time he's shifting into second I'm still in 1st and going about 38mph before I shift into second... Clutch slips again, rpm's go up to 6000 then slides back down to 4500 and catches. During the slippage he has caught up and I can see the front headlights of his car at the rear of my sideline vision. He shifts into third(damn he has a loud ass VTEC engine), and I'm still in second. I shift into third and he shifts into 4th. By this time I have no idea how fast we are going, but the front of my car is ahead of his by about 5 feet. The wife is following us and by her word she had already reached 80mph(but was keeping her distance for safety reasons) and was struggling to keep up to watch. Well I hear Jon shift his car out of gear, and the race is over. I shift out of gear and look at my speedometer and as its going down the last speed I see it in is 90mph. We did a little bit more than a quarter mile. I kept ahead of him. So I'm feeling pretty damn good considering that my 3KGT is still in stock form(its the 1992 SL version so it non-turbo) and it kept ahead of a turbo'd hybrid civic. I think his civic(its a hatchback) ranges from a 92 to 95. So overall, I feel I would've done better if my clutch would just fuckin catch and grab... but thats just something for me to work on. Well thats the latest race... and probably the last one for a couple of months till I really start working on this car.
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Nice job! I doubt that his car was 12-13 seconds like he said, probably more like 16 but it sounds like you really kicked his @$$ :)
Way tho show them ricers!
If you beat him in your SL then there is noway he is a 12-13 second car. Not many hondas out there are but anyway nice kill and get an aftermarket clutch and get out there and kick some more ass.
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