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my finished product!

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anyone likes this?
might be able to make them!
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i can do these in different colors
Can you show us a pic of how they look on your car man...???
i'm gonna put them on my car this week and i'll try to find a camera to take a pic.
I'd like to see some pics. But I think the blue and pink is a little loud but the blue with grey is a little better. BTW.....your sig is HUGE!!! Can you take it down a little?:)

You have an ES right? I think those numbers will be misaligned??
yes this sig is waaaaaaaaaaay too big
just put them in so you guys could see them
Hmmm I wonder where he got the template for them from? :rolleyes:

All faces on this web site are copy right M pro 18/8/01
These faces are given free, and must not be sold unless I have given my permission.
or you pay me lots of money! >:D

And I don’t think I have given my permission to YOU have I?

Sorry guys but I don’t like it when people rip-off my hard work!
Not at all.
I know if you had worked hard on something and to have someone try to sell your hard work from under your feet! you would be pissed :mad:

And for you guys that are interested in having them in plastic like the real gauges, all made professionally, with static proofing, then wait just a little bit as we are starting printing on the demo ones :)

Will have pics soon
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zdorova, ty ot kuda sam budeshi?
I'm interested M pro, once I see some good day/night pics. :D

That guy ripped off my cousin's sig pic and colored it and put it in his sig. Thought it was kind of funny. He did not say it was his car though.

ya voobshe is chernovtsy ukraine
and for you, M PRO, i made these by myself i didn't even think of stealing your idea.
if you're so mad about it, i'm sure we can work something out
pm me if you want to, i've spent a lot of time to make these things
sorry if i've offended you in some way
Nice work man!!!, and by the way, I think you're a gentlemen by the answering the post so correctly. Good Luck!!!
First are you selling them? It looks pretty clear they originated from M pro. If you aren't selling them then at least give credit to M pro for the template.

i made these by myself i didn't even think of stealing your idea
It sounds as if you are saying you did everything yourself. I'm trying to clear up any misunderstandings.
I know for a fact that he took them from my site randy_tho, as there is a bit on the rev template that I didn’t do just right and what do you know? Its on the one he worked so hard on in exactly the same place….

So your telling me that you made these faces up all by yourself then?
Scanned them in and then worked on making the new layout with the rev up to 10 and the Speedo up to 200 and then putting the mistake in exactly the same place I did?

Sorry man that you have been court in a lie and saying you did them all yourself tells me what kind of person you are.

The only thing you did to them was change the colors and put some pics on them, that’s a 2 minute job, if you know what your doing, so tell me what you worked so hard on?

You didn’t even change the colors of the points or the numbers on the rev face man its still pantone652
Exactly what I made it on the faces.

What do you have to say now?

Anyone who know me here knows that I never get into flame wars or things like that, but when someone try’s to take credit for something I did, Owwwwwwwww don’t get me started!
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That is what I was saying....same as yours. You have every right to be annoyed with him if he is selling we know unless he meant he colored them himself that he is claiming he made them. That is just as bad. And yeah coloring should only take a few minutes and is not what I would call hard work. Hard work is making a website with a tutorial for installation and providing these things free. ;)

BTW....I'm still trying to get some NA scans.....I guess I'll just have to wait on my car to be finished and use those.
randy_tho said:

BTW....I'm still trying to get some NA scans.....I guess I'll just have to wait on my car to be finished and use those.

That’s cool man, thanks :)

hehehe you don't know how many guys want me to do the n/a one. ;) :eek:
When I get it done, I'll give it to you if you want to use it. Are you going to be selling the plastic ones for the NA? I think you could clean up.:cool:
hey, M PRO, i said i don't want to start anything, if you're so mad at me i'll just not do it, but i've spent a lot of time on these things, and all i'm trying to do is help out the people who want these things for cheap. again, i don't want to start a war here. if you don't want me to sell these on here, it's fine, i'll just do it to my friends. i realize it took you a lot of time and hard work to do these, but don't be flaming me about trying to make some stuff for my car and some of my friends.

as i said, i don't want to get into an argument. let's just be friends.
that's what this board is all about, friends, right?

everybody, i'm sorry that this argument started, but let's just call it to an end.
thanks everyone and i hope that we're still friend
I think it would be wrong for you to sell them. Especially since he has the thing about not being able to sell without his permission. If it is among your close friends it is a little different but still not very honest. :(

Anyway those are for the turbo cars. The numbers on the speedometer are going to be off.
thanks for understanding me
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