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1 - 7 of 7 Posts that the original color...what is it called? BTW the body kit is definately original and I kinda like it. It could use some larger rims though or lowered to get rid of some of the gap in the back. With that bodykit it is more noticable. It has a sunroof right? I did not think that was available til mid 92.
Turd FX ® released this kit!

<img src="">



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hehehe turd come on now make the rims look alittle better !:eek:

other than that REDSTORM yours is awesome looking and so is turds!
Since when did Pontiac make widetrack stealths? :D
I LOVE that color. How come all the good colors are always rare and red/white/green/black are always common? Blah...

(this coming from someone who owns a red stealth mind you :) )

Thanks for the compliments guys. Yes, this is a Factory Color, it was only available in 1991 on the Stealth RT and the RT/TT. I have only seen ONE other Stealth this color. The name is like Black Cherry Metallic or something...although I have heard like 20 different names for it, so I really dont know what it the "Factory" name.

Turbo Turd- I dunno about that..I kinda like the subtle approach, and I like my Rims Better, but It does need to be Lowered.

Also, the Sunroof isnt Factory, it was comes all the way off. heheh I didnt figure that out till I owned the car for about 8 months..I was pissed :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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