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my 1991 black base stealth in Ct, must go

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my 1991 black base stealth in Ct, $4500

Hi I just found this site last night and boy do I need some help. I am 52 and own a vette for myself. I also am the owner of a 91 black base stealth. base motor etc, with all the normal power options. My daughter cannot make payments and insurance while going to college, she hasn't made any payments I am the bank. bottom line car is for sale and has to go. I live in the Hartford Ct area. car has 75,000 original miles, red interior, rear seat looks like never sat in. I realize this is not one of the nasty stealths, turpo's r/t vr4's and all but does anyone want a base stealth. We bought it for the price and it was a nice car for her, never thinking we might have to sell it. Bought it this June so she has only had it few months. It is a nice running car. A nurse owned it the 1st 10years of its life and worked on same street she lived on, hence the low miles. I have 5,500 in the car. I would love to get 5500 for it but will probably let it go for a loss for about 4500. It is a hell of a car for that price. you guys are all veterans to these cars, so I welcome all opinions and comments. I want to move this car soon, no place to store it

Bob Nealon
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Where is the car located? Is it 5-speed?
sorry the 91 stealth is a 5 sp and located in the Hartford Ct area
$4,500 black stealth 91 in Ct

Hey I thought this site could be useful. I need honesty is my price ok 4,500 for 75,000 mile, base car and need some input does anyone really want base stealths???. why don't some of you dudes give a opinion one way or another I am looking for info and knowledge and thought I came to the right place but guessed wrong...
Bob, I paid 6k for my 1991 RT..2 steps above a base, and it had 100k miles. IMO $4500 is a fair price for the car, especially seeing it only has 75k miles, and considering that the Base SOHC engines really dont have any issues. It sounds Like a great car for someone in the market for it. However, Most people on the board seem to be looking for a TT or a DOHC model. My Advice would be to leave the add here, and bring it back to the top every few days...but in the mean time, put the car in your local News paper and Throw it up on

Hope this helped
I paid $6800 for my 1993 Stealth ES w/ 86k miles on it about a year ago..

$4500 isn't a bad price, esp since miles are fairly low for that year, and if it's in good shape. It'd make a great first car for like a 16 year old or something.. it doesn't have too much power, but it looks good..
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