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MTX 2100x amp + QLogic box w/10" Lightning Audio sub

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Okay, I'm selling my MTX 2100x amp ([email protected] ohms) and my QLogic box with a 10" Lightning Audio sub. The sub and box have some kind of 2 or 3 year warranty from Best Buy and it is transferrable. I got them sometime in the summer, so it'll last a while. It kicks pretty nice and the QLogic boxes, as you might know, are very nice and pretty expensive boxes, about $75 for this one. It's sealed tight and looks like new because it basically is. I had all of this in the hatch of my SL before I traded it in and have decided to keep the stock system in my WRX for now. The box is a truck type box so it's VERY low to the ground when laid flat and I still had quite a bit of room in the trunk even with the amp mounted right on the carpet with the sub next to it. Thumps pretty hard and it doesn't weigh a lot so it won't really affect your drag racing times much at all. MTX amps are built solid and are known for their reliable and how they are usually underrated. I used to have the birth certificate thing with my amp but I haven't seen it in a while, so I don't know if I can find it or not, but I remember it did rate HIGHER then the specs below (otherwise it wouldn't have made it out of the factory). If you want a nice sub to give you a good thump without getting big money and time into an audio system, then this is your best bet. And don't think the Lightning Audio subs are crap either. I thought that when I bought it, but I learned different Hits harder then my old Rockford Fosgate sub did.

I'm asking $150+shipping for the trio. The sub is already mounted securely inside the box and is ready to go.

E-mail me: [email protected] or reply to this thread.

Here's some more specs on the amp:

50 watts RMS/CH into 4 ohms @ .5% THD 20-20,0000 Hz
100 watts RMS/CH into 2 ohms @ 1% THD 20-20,0000 Hz
200 watts RMS/CH into 4 ohms @ 1% THD 20-20,0000 Hz
280 watts dynamic power (IHF) bridged into 4 Ohms (14.4 VDC)

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STILL FOR SALE! -- Last buyer changed mind.
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