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MSD DIS 4 and accel coils

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I've just purchased the MSD DIS 4 ignition and I have a couple questions for those of you out there who have it installed.
I just heard some not-so-good news from Matt at Dynamic Racing, who stated that just about everybody he knows who has installed the system has had the stock coil die within 6000 miles(too much voltage). Just wondering if anybody has had this problem or has gone beyond this mark? Also, has anybody tried the timing retard function at very high boost and seen less knock(datalogged). I'm not sure if this function is any true benefit since our cars run timing at only 18 degrees advance; I'd hate to use this function if its going to drop my HP and not help with the detonation issue. Just sounds like a nice safeguard for me(1994-no datalogging capabilities)
Lastly, I've seen a few people using the Accel Coils from motorcycles with good results and I'm wondering if any of you that have switched to these coils and stayed with the stock wires? Oh, also has anybody tried the Accel Super DIS coil for GM cars on ours(been told it would work perfect)? They run only 34.99 at Jegs, so that just over 100 for the coils. Looks like you'd have to change the terminal ends only; 45,000 volts rated.

Thank you in advance,
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The accel coils come with 9mm wires. There's no need to stick to the stock wires as you can't buy the coils (to my knowledge) without them.

I wouldn't trust the GM coils unless you know for sure that they have the same impedence as our stock coils.
If your using the MSD, then any CD type coil can be driven by it. Doesn't matter what car you are using it on because the MSD is doing the function not the car. The signal from the car goes into the MSD and MSD drives the coils.

Wraith are you sure about that? I've never heard that and I can think of some ee arguments against it.
These coils are Accel not GM. They are made for the GM distributorless ignition system that is very similiam to ours. I'll do a little more research to see if these coils can be a suitable swap. If not I'll go with the coils that omnip-1 used in his setup. Just not to particular about the yellow wires in my blue engine compartment, thats why I'd like to buy just the coils.
I take it that neither of you guys have had problems with the stock coil and the MSD DIS 4?

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