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what MPH in the 1/4 can i expect out of a BPU (FIPK+EVC+Exaust+Downpipe) VR4? 1995 to be exacted..?? and how much does these mods usually cost?
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Well, all the BPU mods will total around 400HP (more like 370-380) and probably a mid to low 13 at around 100mph-105mph in the quarter mile. That's UD pulley, intake, exhaust, Boost Controller. You may need to replace the clutch as well, it tends to show it's weakness around then.
thats pretty messed up to do all that and get only 100-105 traps. i thought stock VR4 (95+) get around 101-103 MPH stock. i ran a 14.09 @ 99 MPH stock with a messed up stock exaust. i thought those BPU are good for around 107-110 MPH? with high 12's or low low 13's. :rolleyes:
BPU will bring 3/S into high 12's if driven properly.The traps should
be about 105-110mph.Depends on the car,weather,etc.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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