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Moving Sale: 42" HDTV, 24" HD Monitor

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Hey guys so I'm moving away from Chicago and was hoping to sell my TV and monitor to local people. My apartment is basically at Belmont and Broadway.

42" LG LK450 S-IPS 1080p TV, perfect shape. Remote, wall mount, and stand all included. $400.

24" Samsung T240HD monitor, also 1080p, also perfect shape. Remote included, $200.

Please let me know if you want either one.

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Not to get off topic but where/when you moving?
Congrats! We're going to be in Chicago again on August 24th but looks like you'll be long gone by then.
:p Molly actually has some family out there (a bit north of that actually) so we've talked about it. If it even happens I'll let you know for sure.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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