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reason for tickets.......
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Everyone go look at this post ->here . What a MORON. How can you sell a car you don't know anything about. He claims AWD... yet later in the thread he says it's FWD. He also says it has projector lights.... HA. And!!!!! He even put a pic of a Montero instead of a 3000gt. Is he even trying to sell the car? This even annoyed me enough to send this guy a letter. Here's a copy of the e-mail:

"To whom it may concern:
I would just like to write you concerning the summary and description of the automobile listed at the item # above. First off, you label this particular vehicle as an "all-wheel drive" car once, and insinuate it more than twice. You also claim that this car has projector headlights that, "peer out from clear blistered lenses like multiple eyes". Projector headlights were only available starting in 1994, this car is a '1992 model, if you didn't know that either. I also don't quite understand the fact that in your ad, you have a picture of an SUV, Mitsubishi Montero. Mitsibushi 3000gt's are the sports cars that Mitsubishi made, not the SUV'S. I suggest that before trying to sell an item on ebay, you do the applicable research to know what you are selling. Knowing exactly what you are selling just might save yourself, and future customers from a lot of hell. Thanks for your time,

Eric R.
[email protected]"
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