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More clutch problems

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O.K. I was just bragging about how well I liked the ACT clutch and today I have big problems. All of the sudden when I wwent to pull away from a light the pedal stuck to the floor for a moment then popped out about 2-3- inches and grabbed right away, but would not come the rest of the way out. Then I pulled it out with my hand and it was fine again. Several minutes later it stuck to the floor again and would not go into any gear. After I again pulled it out, It went into first then second, then would not come out of gear. The pedal stuck again, I pulled it out, then it ran O.K. on the highway but when I got home, It would not go into reverse. Its a professionally installed ACT clutch with about 12,000 miles on it. Any ideas???
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I wonder if the slave cyl may be going out...I'd check for fluid on the firewall. My car sometimes had problems with the clutch not disengaging......Jc
1st- Check your clutch fluid resevoir to make sure it's full.
2nd- Sounds like your slave cylinder, not your clutch. I'd get that done and see what the deal might be. keep us updated.
I agree with newfoundglory. My previous 3000Gt (1991) had the same problem, it turned out to be the master cylinder.

Good luck
Well the master cylinder is holding fluid fine, and there is no visible leaking, I've checked all around it and under the car but Everything looks O.K. One day I drove 100 miles in and out of town with no problems. The next day going to the corner store it stuck in first gear and I had to shut the car off and pull the pedal out, then it was fine again. I'm going to have to go to the dealer to be sure of the problems.
I think I may have a tranny fluid leak. Ther's a little bit on the bottom of the transmission and when the clutch was replaced they said there was barely any fluid in it, so it must be going somewhere. Would this cause my problem? What do you guys recommend, GL-5?
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