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Mods for N/A..Should I or Shoudnt I...

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Hey guys....Well I know a guy up here in NJ that totaled his 95 Base 3000GT.

At the time he was racing a BMW 325i both were autos and he ended up flipping over at 125mph. :eek: Yeah, I know..that must have suxed.

Well the interesting part is that in the back of his car he had brand new Eibach Springs and Underdrive Crank. He also has a VR-4 trottle body.

My questions are:

1) Will a set of Eibach Springs work for any year 3K???:confused: since mine is a 98 DOHC SL and his was a 95 DOHC Base..

2) Are Underdrive Pulley's and Underdrive Crank the same thing???:confused:

A. Will his year Crank if In my 98SL????...(he has 95 DOHC and I have 98 DOHC.)

B. If the underdrive pulleys and Underdrive crank are not the same thing what is the difference???:confused:

C. Do they both require new timing belts to fit properly???:confused:

D. For example:..If I get the Underdrive Crank do I need to get a new Timing belt for it??:confused:

3) Will the Trottle Body of A VR-4 fit on another DOHC 3k???:confused:

A. What is the difference in diameter of the VR-4 Trottle Body compared to a SL 3K????:confused:

I know its a lot of questions guys but this would be great if I could get these parts off of him and pay less for them rather then ordering them + paying shipping just to wait longer.

Thanx guys I appreciate it.;)
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I am going to buy this stuff off the guy by Monday if I am going to buy it at all so I need all the info I can. So if you can please help guys.

Right Now I am just gathering up All the modifications and parts Than I am going to install them one by one.

SO any info would be appreciated:)
Ok guys forget about all that..I spoke to the guy today and he said the Trottle Body is off of a 95 VR-4 and practically brand new. Also he is selling the CrankShaft Pulley with the 3 belts.

I decided not to get the Lowering Springs just because I want the Coil Overs instead.

WEll the question is simply:

the price is:

250 (Bored Out Trottle Body) + 150 (Crankshaft Pulley w/Belts)

So it would cost me $400....What do you guys think??? is it a good price???
Is he selling his eibech springs??? I'll give him $100 for [email protected]
I wouldn't bother with the bored out throttle body.. you can have your stock TB bored out at dynamic racing for the same price, and i'm sure it would be a safer bet than the vr4 throttle body. :) just my opinion
He wants like $215 for the springs man....Cuz he said they have never been opened
Also...Would there be a problem with the VR-4 Trottle Body???

and Dynamic Racing also sells the bored out Trottle Body...would you guys consider that a better investment???
Also...Would there be a problem with the VR-4 Trottle Body???

and Dynamic Racing also sells the bored out Trottle Body...would you guys consider that a better investment???

So, so far I am going to get the CrankShaft Pulley from him for $150 with the belts and I am probably going to order Underdrive Pulley's from Dynamic Racing later on....What do you guys think about that???

Harmonic balancer

If he got the harmonic balacer (crank pulley) left, the stock one, let me know ho much.
LOL...Well I am going to keep mine just incase something goes wrong but I will definatly ask him about his stock one...that wont be a problem.;)
Im doin a prot and polish right now, Its not as hard as it sounds but ill let you know about the gains after i get it all back together. There was soo much gunk inside the intake manifold and plenium it was crazy. I know this has to do something

Definatly man...the Port and Polish is really supposed to help. I think it was a good 10 horses or something..not sure though.

Tell me how it goes???

also are you doing it yourself or having someone else do it for you??

Well From what I have heard around here it is about $500 - $800 depending on where you go.
I talked to him man....and he said everything was scraped so he has nothing left of the car. Sorry man.;)
What do you have to do to do this.... I would like to do it, if possible myself. I just don't know the gory details. I wonder if instructions could be found anywhere....
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