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Mods for an SL/Base

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Possibly the biggest mistake i made was not getting a VR4...

I have wanted to mod up my SL and make it the fastest it could be...these are the things i am thinking about adding.

A supercharger (is there one)
HKS intake
short shifter (cant find one)

Aluminum dash
Indiglo Gauges
Shift knob
Sound system

18 inch RIMS
Painted break calipers
94+ taillights (91-93 are gay)

If anyone could post their opinion, or possibly where i could find a supercharger or short shifter, it would be cool.


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good luck bub..

supercharger from knight turbos. runs 4000 bucks for the shitty one.. and 5500 with all the goodies and the blower that can push 11 (i think) psi. btw. these are the only sc's on the market for our car.. OOPS our bad. we bought a base/sl :rolleyes:

short shifter is made by C's, you can do it yourself easily on the 91s. cost is 10 bucks to have a welder cut about an inch out of the bend and the straight. and reweld the shit back together.

a few more things you should consider, grinded cams, SAFC, NITROUS <~~ cheap, easy, and our motors can handle 100 shot before we get into breaking shit.
strut bars. hurry and get your front bar from napoleans sl soon. noone else makes them and hes going to quit soon.
test pipe, D/n performance SS intake (be cool like the rest of us)
D/nP headers and hopefuly downpipe (if he ever gets around to makin em)

youre lookin to get serious eh. go get yourself some vr-4 calipers rims and steering knuckles as the brakes on the NAs are shit on the first gen.
even more serious? hmm try some head work, oversized valves, and what not, knife edged crank, 11-1 compression pistons.. anything i forgot? oh yeah. sell it now and get a vr-4
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Napoleons SL......front strut bar?? Please explain, I've seen those neat looking front bars in a couple of pics and I want one for the SL and the VR4.

Explain where, etc.

Thanks :D
go to this link! i want one but i need a winter car first! :mad: DAMN ROCHESTER WEATHER!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
youre always more than welcome to purchase one for me spirit! youre the big man with the NEW vr-4 AND a SLow
:) comeon man its only 150 bucks.. drop in the bucket man! :D
First, go to the track and see exactly how fast your car is.

Then, here's how you make it faster:

1. Weight reduction (no 18's, no subs, anything else you can remove.
2. Traction (drag radials)
3. Bolt-ons (intake, exhaust, pully, flywheel, clutch, fuel pressure riser)
4. Internals (cams, heads ported/shaved, high compression pistons)

With step 1 and 2, you should hit low 14's. With intake, exhaust, and fuel added to that, you should hit a 13.9.
drew.. care to embelish on the fuel pressure riser? what does that do exactly..wont that defeat the purpose of having my safc set to lean? im confused
and what weight reduction have you done besides no spare and jack? i think the tow hooks are coming off soon.. you got anyother ideas?
You don't need the pressure riser. It's just a $140 pressure regulator with adjustable settings.

For weight removal, just use your brain and take off everything you don't need, without making the car uncomfortable. There's a lot of weight loss potential, but it only makes sense if you drag race.
i dont need the pressure riser because i have the safc? i dont get it . how does it work.. what are the benefits?
YOGURT! said:
go to this link! i want one but i need a winter car first! :mad: DAMN ROCHESTER WEATHER!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
youre always more than welcome to purchase one for me spirit! youre the big man with the NEW vr-4 AND a SLow
:) comeon man its only 150 bucks.. drop in the bucket man! :D
Thanks for the link up. Looks like they are all gone for now. I'm gonna drop him an email tomorrow and see what's up.

New VR4 :confused:

New SLow, used VR4. Only had it a little less than a year and it was beat to crap with a badly busted windshield. I got a deal 'cause I didn't care too much about the bodywork and was planning on the '99 conversion from the start. Belonged to a ******* who lived out in the sticks and drove it on gravel roads. I'm financing a near total new body and wheels/tires, not just a conversion. That's killing my budget, along with the insurance :( :( :(

Haven't done any mods to either of them yet other than K&N. 'Fraid my bucket is a little empty these days.
YOGURT! with the adjustable fuel pressure riser you are able the richen up or lean out your injectors...which you dont need cause your safc does that.
10-4 kash. THANKS! :)
hows your machine coming along.. ive had to stop myself from buying mods.... its rediculious.
there are a number of options to mod your sl, altho the only big gains are nitrous (i don't endorse), super and turbo charging, which are both expensive but do both exist. besides that, the flywheel/underdrive pulley is a good combo which frees up crank hp. intake/exhaust won't hurt (can't wait for the downpipe)... the s-afc might net you 5hp IF properly tuned... there are other odds and ends here and there, search around and you'll find 'em. take a look at my sig... she's getting prepped for a sc... :D well good luck and safe travels.

- mike
mike.. were you planning on getting them SAFC settings for me? or no.. lol. im sittin here waitin.. :)
J-spec turbo motor.
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