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mods for an sl auto

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I'm really looking to get the most bang for my buck here. Are there any mods that don't really give you any horsepower but will give you some significant acceleration improvement. What can you do to the tranny on an auto. I'm planning on getting the udp here in about a month or so. Then around Christmas I'll be getting a new intake
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you should definetly look into the GTPro shiftkit, and torque convertor upgrade.
torque converter...then supercharger...thats it...I mean theres tons of other mods but if you want noticable change get those
also dont forget to get one of those race rpm chips that modify your settings for your auto to shift
anybody know how much these are? I really need some pull off the line. Also a web address would be great. Thanks
I also have an auto. If you want your car to move off the line you should look into the following:

Torque Converter (Pro Torque - $395)
Shift Kit & Clutch End (Level 10 - $404 you can probably find one cheaper)

These two mods will get your car moving off the line. Yo may want a better set of tires as well. A supercharge is allot of money right now. I would look into these mods first. Also, if you're tranny has allot of miles and it's almost time for a rebuild, I would go with a Level 10 Tranny. They are about $2800, and include all of the above. That is what I would like to do. With good tranny and a rebuilt engine ($4000) your car will be pretty damn quick for an auto. It's allot of money for both though. Good luck.
my car has about 117k miles on it. I don't know exactly what condition the tranny is in right now though. They said and older guy traded it in for a Caddy but they might have just been saying that to make it look better. I think if I have to replace the tranny I'm just gonna convert it to a manual instead of rebuilding the auto. What is the normal lifespan of the auto trannies on these cars. I know the manuals have a tendency to go out.
For the money you will spend on the manual, I think it may be worth it just to go with the level 10 tranny upgrade. I think you will have more go from the line then you would with the manual. It's all what you like though.
I have a good suggestion. I drive a 92 SL Auto and I know all of us non-turbo auto guys get killed off the line. Torque converter is nice, but I was thinking that small shot of nitrous at WOT about a second or 2 off the line would do the trick. The Sneeky Pete Nitrous System costs about $200 with a simple installation. It's a 10oz bottle that can take a 30 or 50HP jet. I think a 50HP shot in first gear is all we need to toast the competition. Then let our 222HP take care of the high end power. What do you guys think??
Someone on the list has had the sneaky Pete NOS system. It was only a 30shot and he said he could barely feel it, all he noticed was the RPM's shoot up. NOS will certainly help, but I would not recommend using anymore then a 75 shot on an auto. I don't know how much they can handle. Also, if you want to use NOS make sure you upgrade your fuel and Ignition systems. If your going to go with NOS, I would not do the Sneaky Pete thing, just go with the real thing.

I want one really bad but dont want to send my converter to them.


If you can post up a Number or Email address where this company can be located.

Thanx;) :D
I think Hans is working on something for approx $200 + core charge for a shift kit... ;)
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