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Shipping was fast.
Quality was real good.

I am soooooooo picky. I told him that there was a pinhead size dark dot on the white leather. Before i could offer or do anything, he actually sent me a whole new kit. :D
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Mobo, does have some kick ass products. I was also very pleased with his work, and timely fashion of things.

Thanks guys.
Just received my 2 tone boot today and I must say that it looks very awesome :D. Much props to you (and your wife?) for making such a nice product. It even had that nice new leather smell to it! I must say that I am very pleased! Outstanding! :bigok:
I ordered a 99' artprint from Mobroshi... received it on time... payment was smooth... received it in good condition..
Ordered an ebrake boot. Great communication and awesome workmanship. Had a slight problem with paypal but shipment was quick.

Mobo, I used the address on your page. I think I noticed you have a different one than that. Maybe that was what happened?

Anyway, If I had a 5 speed I'd order a shift boot, too!
Glad you like it Randy. Both of the address should work with Paypal. Not sure what happened there.
I ordered a 97 VR-4 print from Mobo and all I can say is wow. The print is awesome, well worth the money.

Thanks Mobo.
I ordered a 97 print from mobo. I received it only a couple of days after I sent payment. Shipping was incredibly fast, and was packaged so it would not be damaged in any way.

I wil definitely feel comfortable making future purchases from him.
This isn't news... Mobo ROCKS!!

Got the package tonite, with the 96 tshirt and print. VERY nice, thanks very much.

Everybody, you should buy stuff from moboroshi!

Gonna have to get an ebrake boot from you soon, too.

I got your 1999 Picture a week ago, I was just too lazy to find this post. Shipping was fast and the service was great. The only problem was that the top got bent in the mail. :( Oh well, stupid mail service. Thanks agin.

yeah mofo is the shit!
lol.. jk.

you got any list of the things youre currently sellin?
Thanks for the Props guys. Vendetta, how bad was it bent? I wrote DO NOT BEND on it in several places. Let me know okay.

Velocity, here's what I have up on the board right now...

I think that's it right now. I always have my leather for sell. The link is in my sig for that.
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I'd Buy That

I will take a red hoodie with dodge stealth logo, 3x size when your ready to sell. Thanks, WARWOLF
WARWOLF, please go to the Hoodie thread and sign up. This thread is just for comments on dealings with me. Thanks.
Good Buy

I have nothing to say but what has been said. "Shipping was fast. Quality was real good." I got a black boot with the red stich. If any one wants pics of it in jest let me no. I like the black with the red stich looks good in my 91. ty man
aj:mitsu: :)
Ordered the '94 t-shirt, great product. Good shirt type to build on and printed very well. Shipping took less than a week.

Many thanks Mobo.
Nice work!

Keith's 2 tone boots are great! Leather is great quality, thicker than stock and sewn well. He even included zip ties. Transaction was quick and easy. He said it would show up some time in the middle of next week and it showed up on monday!:burnout:
I got my hoodie today! Awsome quality! and looks great!!! thanks!
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