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Re: MMCd Logger New Features and Sensors Archive Latest Information

16-4-05 Posted V1.8g (see below)

Starting this thread to review MMCd bugs and discuss possible new features. I would also like to see if there are other 3SI members interested in doing SW development. (Dev environment is free and takes less than an hour to set up.)

My goal is to periodically summarize feedback / posts on this page.

1. Auto Logging on Event (cbatters - done)
2. Peak - Hold (cbatters - done)
3. Upload / Convert to CSV (Shawn ????)
4. Address data scaling issues in log files
5. Big Number Mode (TurboBob?)
6. Graphical Gages
7. User Scaling/Config for Custom Inputs
8. User configuration for graph scaling (colors/scaling/offset)
9. User config for all sensors (colors/scaling)
10. User defined log rates / prelog / postlog
11. User defined graphical display time resolution
12. User defined alarm tones
13. Graphical alarm alert

Other suggestions...

HSLogger Project
Interface for adding additional inputs to the MMCd logger. New inputs include:

o Boost (x1) (Using either 2.5 or 3.0 MAP sensor)
o Wideband O2 (x1)
o Oil Pressure (x1)
o Fuel Pressure (x1)
o Intake Manifold Air Temp (x1)
o 0-15V input (x1) (Fuel pump voltage)

o EGT (x1)

o Other
o Vehicle speed (1) and derived calculations
- 0-60 timing

Models / Pricing
Planning to offer three different models of the HSLogger.

HSLogger Base - Fixes baud rate / RS232 level issues to allow compatibility with ALL Palm devices and includes Speed/Odometer input for performance / MPG calculations. You can also log boost with the unused EGRT input. (~$100)

HSLogger Exp - All of the Base unit features plus six 0-5V inputs (Pressure/Boost/Wideband O2 etc from existing sensors/gages - any 0-5V signal) (~$175)

HSLogger Deluxe - All of the Exp unit features plus higher resolution for low level inputs with signal conditioning for direct connection to sensors. Deluxe version has an "analog front end" that provides amplification, filtering, sensor excitation for direct connection to EGT Thermocouples, oil/fuel pressure senders, etc. (~$250)

I believe the Base unit is is competitively priced based on quality passive cables for $75 from Mirage or $150 for PocketLogger SW + Cable. (In my not so humble opinion, MMCd now runs circles around the PocketLogger SW.)

Dmitry's Site
Protocol Info
Boost Logging 1G Electronic Boost Data Logging - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center
Intake Temp Thread monitoring intake temps - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center
Intake Air Temp Research
Horsepower Calculation
Boost Controller Thread Stock Boost Control - Closed loop PWM or just Boost On / Off - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center
Injector Cleaning Service Cruzin Performance
BlackStone Oil Testing Blackstone Labs
Intake Leak Testing Extremely Simple Intake Pressure Test - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center
Inline Spark Tester 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center - View Single Post - Mis/Backfiring, Hesitating, Stumbling under boost... Can't cure it!
Rolling Resistance
O2 Sensor Wiring / Test
Air Filter Restriction / MPG - Dirty Airfilter Has No Impact on Fuel Economy - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center
Data Loggin FAQ - TMO Datalogger 101
PocketLogger FAQ - PocketLogger for Dummies
Online Manual -

MMCd V1.8g -
MMcd V1.6n -
MMCd Tools (SPoulson) MMCd Tools
MMCd Tools - Bugfix (.2c)

K Tc Probes - ThermoWorks – Thermocouple Wire Probes.
Easy Fuel Pressure Install- Easy Fuel Pressure Sender - 3000GT/Stealth International Message Center
VDO Pressure Senders - VDO Pressure Senders from Continental Imports
Fuel Pressure Sender -

PRC Setup for Windows - Installing prc-tools on MS Windows with Cygwin
Palm SDK for PRC -
Handspring SDK -
Pilot Hack Pilot Hack Tutorial
Palm Simulator -
Palm Simulator (PalmOS Site) -
Palm Emulator (PalmOS Site) -

FAQ - Tuning Information
MMCd Info -
MMCd Tips - Remember to click on the "i" in the config dialogs for more info
TMO Faq - Logger Tuning
PLogger Faq - Parameter Meanings

Q1 - What do the letters mean in FLAG0 and FLAG2

Flag 02 status bits
A - Air conditioning relay
F - Fuel pump relay
B - Boost related ???

Flag 00 status bits
T - TDC sensor
S - Power Steering Pressure SW
A - AC switch
N - Neutral
I - Idle switch

Q2 - How do I view MMCd logs on a PC?

MMCd has built in support to upload logs using the Palms archive file capability by simply flagging the log files in MMCd. Files will automatically get uploaded to Palm User - Archive directory on the PC the next time you hotsync.

Simple solution for reviewing logs is to download the PalmSimulator which allows you to run MMCd on the PC. (Just drag MMCd program and log files to the simulator window.)

The other choice is to download MMCdTools which provides a conduit for xfer of logs files as well as conversion of MMCd log format to CSV.

MMCd Tools


Buttons/checkbox controls cause delays in log sampling rate

Min/Max button
User defined prelog / postlog times
Consider adding default Autolog triggers
Correct slug for EGRT WBO2 inputs - currently hard coded as MAP
Need to confirm Boost solenoid status display
Need to define/implement new log format (mS resolution / Integer / Long / Char )
Scaling for AFR input - Changed in 1.6N
Old 0-5V = 10.0 - 20.0 AFR
New 0-5V = 8.0 - 22.0 AFR
Configurable option for 3S versus DSM mode
- Timing
- Other differences?
Well you seem to maybe know alot about this datalogging stuff and my question is I just bought a new Palm M100 and have 3 cables now and not one will synch with my car. My ECU is perfect. All I get is in test mode for example is
serial comm error
ECU comm error
Why? What is the problem, I cannot use my data logger at all. It syncs with my PC and it works fine with all software I load onto it but this MMCD V 1.5 once gave a couple weird numbers and that was it. I tried everything but no log. It just wont work. Nobody else has an answer maybe you do. I wish I had another Palm just to see if it is the Palm or the palm cable. But I dont and cant get a local 3SI dick to even reply to me and try to use his Palm to see but if you have an extra I can try it with maybe?? Or Ill try to buy another on ebay and waste my money. I'm just pissed tonight and Im tired of sitting in my car idling all my gas away trying to get my data logger to work. And for what reason I don't know. I have had sellers of cables borrow me cables and sent them back but nothing. Anything?? Ive tried all released versions and I take it off pause it cycles through in the bottom left corner what I have checked then pause comes back on. not one display no numbers nothing. making me crazy

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cables that came in unopened packages with the Palm and the same cables Jim Delucca makes for other companies. He has sent me 2 trying to help me. Its not that cable and also I bought another cable from a different maker on Ebay. I can get a reading with a needle style volt meter and it says code 14, TPS. Ive talked to everyone but you. The 3SX service manager Chris also is baffled as it should read if I am picking up a signal to a volt meter. I have gone through all the steps over and over but nothing. If I was to buy a colored Palm which do you recommend for a low price of course. I want to try another palm and see. Guess I have to buy it as I cant borrow one locally from anybody. people I work with have them but they inconveniently cant find them and Im in Utah with no help. I guess Ill buy a colored one and see. Which do you recommend. Got an extra confirmed working you want to loan me. I can pay a deposit and for freight. Im confused and tired at this point. Just burned out on it now. Im Giving up while everyone else enjoys theirs. It sucks bad

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Can I use a laptop and a USB cable? How is that done and bypass the palm all together. I have a $2600.00 ASUS laptop but it don't have a DB9 connector its modern so i would need a converter from 9 pin to USB I guess , does tha even exist? How do I use a laptop to log? that may be a way to see if its the Palm or not without spending more money for no reason. ideas? Thoughts? Help?

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the logging cable does not plug right into the palm, it plugs into a 'serial sync cable'

what kind of serial sync cable do you have? The 2-headed ones never worked for me (the ones that are both serial and usb)

I have a stock M100 with all cables and a cradle. I use a cable that has 9 pin on one end and our harness plug PLUGS INTO IT and then into the car and have 3 of these cables I have tried so its not that cable for sure. Its wired to pins 1, 12 and looped back from 12 to 10. When I volt meter test I use pins 1 and 12 and get a code every time as the CEL will come on when the car cuts out code 14. My ECU had no leaking Caps but I replaced them anyway. I made friends with a local electrician supply store down the street from my work and they have taught me so much about soldering and circuit testing and much more. I bought all types of soldering stuff and I re-soldered everything on my ECU and they and I both tested everything on that board and it is perfect. So I am 100% sure its not the ECU. Its my Palm or the Palm cable but I took the cradle out there to the garage and still no response no datalogger. Like I SAID It SUCKS!

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goes palm cable out of palm with a 9 pin on the end and it connects to a 9 pin cable with our harness plug on the other end of it.

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some palms require external power fed to their serial port, some dont...

I'm not sure if the M100 does.

Does your logging cable have a wire hanging out that you plug into the fuse box?


no and its the current 3.5.3 OS

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i read it is to be 3.5.1 maybe huh maybe? how do I get it back to 3.5.1 OS from 3.5.3

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OK I just did a hard reset and it brought the OS back to 3.5.1 as it says here Support that it should be 3.5.1 for a m100 so now I will load what version of mmcd on first now? version 1.5 or 1.7 or 1.8. Also what is mmcd tools for?

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assuming that your abs is working, and the diag wire has not been cut, then there may be an issue with the wiring harness.

In order for the ECU to talk to the logger, it must be in diagnostic mode.

this is what connecting pin 10 to 12 does.

the diagnostic pin for the abs is also connected to pin 10, so looping pins 10 and 12 puts the abs in diagnostic mode also, which turns on the abs light.

Your issue may be related to this.

as far as the OS, I'm not sure. As far as MMCd, any version should work.


ABS is fine , not one issue with it. I reset to version 3.5.1 and just was out trying it and same shit. no reading. I take it off pause it scrolls through what is checked and pause checks back on. no reading. I give up again. I have been trying this for a month or 2 and same shit . NO READING. In test mode it will say serial comm error or then it will say ecu comm error and it just is not reading and no abs light comes on. this sucks but car runs pretty damn good except for the breaks in my front injectors and my new wires/pigtails will be here tomorrow or Saturday. I am going to bed. Thanx but it doesn't work. I just once would like to see it work. That would be so cool. But no luck

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I just noticed in the car pin #10 has a cut wire. Like it was cut and wrapped around the other wires. It is pink. Left me a sixteenth of an inch on the harness side so no room to solder back together. How do I get those plugs out of the harness to solder this wire back together. Why would it be cut? i am the second owner and the original was a pharmacist. Who would cut that wire and for what reason I wonder? That may be why I am getting no datalogger. My car has every option but key-less entry. So how do I remove the plug tip out of the harness. Do I just pull on it with needle nose pliers or what.

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I got my data-logger working. Wire 10 was cut. I soldered it and it now works. So where do I go to learn what all these number mean? I have a Palm M100 and have no idea what the numbers should be or how to use it for diagnosing problems. After hours on the net and everywhere I just need someone to point me to a code list and what the reading should be and what it all means. Im totally new to data-logging SO i NEED SOME REAL HELP.
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