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Mitsu Dealership trying to rip me off???

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I just got a factory clutch put in from the Mitsu Dealer. Here is the problem. When i start in 1st gear and give it normal gas. As I release the clutch slowly i start moving and right before i let the clutch completely go, the car jerks for a second as if it is catching it in gear for the 2nd time. Its really wierd because the jerk i get is kinda like when u pop the clutch and don't give it any gas and car jerks and then starts moving.
It happens maybe 3 outta 10 times. Also when i m in 2nd gear and in low rpms, say 1500 n going up a normal hill, the car jerks again like that but not as bad. But doesnt do that at high rpms say 3000 or more. Can somebody please tell me if this is clutch related???
I took it back to the dealer and they said they didn't know what i was talking about. Just for yur info. i've been driving manual transmission since i started driving so the problem is not in my driving. I also let my friend test drive it and he immediately saw the problem. But Mitsu people insist they don't know what i'm talking bout.
Need some advise... anybody know about clutches???

thanks in advance
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Could it maybe be you had your A/C cranked up and the compressor was kicking in? I don't know if it happens on our 3SIs, but it used to happen all the time on my Nissan 4cyl.

I would put money down that they messed up....dealerships NEVER confess to their mistakes, why I don't know, and they will ALWAYS try to pretend that any problems after they worked on it is mearly a bring it back and we'll rape you for 60$ /hr to see what we screwed up the first time....

NEVER trust or take the word of anyone from a dealership....they WANT and NEED money more than the common person...

Tell them that the clutch is maladjusted and that it needs readjustment.
Na, its not that. Nothing to do with the air cause i never have it on.

take care
Deman & [email protected]:

I took the care back the other day and they drove it and told me that there is nothing wrong with it. Thats what really pisses me off... they won't even acknowledge that there is somethig wrong.
I'm gonna take it back next week though... i can't stand that problem with the clutch especially after i got raped with their prices. And btw, they charge $65 / hour.

take care
Not sure with 3/S stock clutches, but it has been my experience that new stock clutches will chatter for the first several miles or till they are broken in.

But there is still the possibility that the dealer f--ked up and is trying to conceal it.
could it be the tranny???

Actually....hhmmmmm....I'll go with deman and profilevr4 that the dealership screwed something up...yeah thats it :D :D :D
Demand to see a manager and go as high up the chain as you possibly can. When you find the all important guy, tell him about your problem and your extreme displeasure with how its been handled. Be professional about it. Maybe mention how you have always brought your business there or some other B.S. stuff like that. If he is a good manager, he will pull the strings for you.
Go with it

Go with what F27Corsair said to do. Go as far up the chain as possible. (General Manager, or Service Manager). If they continue to put their tail between their legs and not take responsibility OR even "take a look" at the clutch or front end, then simply tell them you will report this to your local better business bureau (BBB).
They do not want a rap sheet with them since it will not qualify them for awards and recognition etc...If that doesn't move them then go to the press. (If you know someone in town with ties to the press or actually works there or even the editor at the local College/University, they have ties with the local press

(I have gone this route before against a local Nissan dealer who did the same thing with me...) They chose not to head my warnings...mistake!!

Test Drive

It sounds like you are not going with them for a test drive. You need to do that and assure that they feel the problem at some point. It is possible that when they do it the problem never happens, get in the car with them!
Mine did this about a week before the engine started jerking violently. A problem I still haven't fixed.
Thanks guys. I think i'm gonna go back and demand that they fix this problem. And as Armtdm suggested, i'll try to go with them with for the test drive. There is no way they can possibly miss this, its sooo obvious. And if they try to be real bastards and tell me that its normal, i'll have to try Deman's suggestions.

thanks everybody, i'll let u know how it goes next week.
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