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Minor Damage on my rear left bumper

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Today, I was waiting at my brother's highschool. I parked on the corner of a T shape road. I was parked pretty near the corner of two roads and suddenly a woman who drives 92 Plymouth Voyager made very close right turn to my car and hit my left rear bumper..:( Optical damage isn't big but still i got few scratches and my bumper came down and tilted little bit:mad:
Ah, what'a happy halloween.......:(

Oh, well, happy and safe halloween to everybody:)
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guys, when I take to bodyshop to fix my car, should I tell them my car doesn't have clearcoat?
And is color could be matched exactly as original?
Any help would be appreciated.
Yes, they can match the color just fine. Make sure you take it to a good body shop though. preferrably and I-Gold Class shop.
You may want them to put a clear coat on though, it may not match completely. Without that clearcoat the paint oxidizes quickly, see how much it would cost to clear coat the rest of the car.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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