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mini Central Fl gathering

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Had a blast man...Super C has a base that would challenge most twin turbo models and Marshall's car.........well, the shit is FAST!
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That supercharger kit does the trick, huh? Did you ride in it or just race him??? I'd love to see some dyno numbers and track numbers on a DOHC with that SC kit.

I was busy beating ass, but I would've liked to be there. Let me know next time you guys meet.

Marshall's car is fast?
Hey Wrath what did you guys do after I left? I went to go to the Tampa Car show sorry I couldn't stay longer.
We made a voodoo doll of you and shot at it with a BB gun and stabbed it with a bayonet then Shovel the "porno god" brought over 6 gals who got naked and performed lesbian acts on each other.......:D :D. Naaa just funnin' ya man:p . Seriously I got back from our little run down I-4 and I was like "Where the hell is Robert?". We ate some burgers and BS'ed a while longer and I split myself around 4:45 to meet the wife for some plans we'd made that night. I would like to have seen that car show. Roberts car is REALLY shiny. LeeNetworkX...that supercharger was BADASS! HE let me drive his car (Marvin) and it was TOUGH! It's effects were especially noticeable at low end...he'd easilly pull on me from the line (his car is a base BTW and I have a DOHC). The only drawback on the base is the 6000 RPM redline which is why a slightly modded DOHC would probably pull on him topping out 3rd....but that is just an assumption based on my short drive of it. Marshall also let me drive his car........those of you who believe that "myth" about DOHC N/A engines bennefit from slight back pressure from the cats have never seen or driven his car. That is pure BS. Marshall's only mods are K&N (oversized) intake and straight pipe exhaust minus cats (looked like a 3" diameter pipe, but I think was a 2"....Marshall?) Anyhoo, his car is LOUD holy crap. Me and Marshall (Marshall's car) and Jason (Shovel) and Marvin (SuperC) in Marvins supercharged car had 3 little informal races from a roll...1 in town on a 2 lane mile long condo access road and 2 on I-4. Now in all fairness to SuperC's car...Jason was driving it for the 1st time and Marshall was driving his own car. In the three short races we did, Marshall ended up in front all three times topping out at between 105-115 each time. Jason pulled ahead of us at the start of the 3rd race but Marshall did get the upper hand. Keep in mind also that Marshalls car had about a 250-275lb weight disadvantage due to DOHC/SL package, our weight, and half tank of fuel vs their about 1/8th. All in all, I think Marvins Supercharged base could take a stock/lightly modded DOHC or bone stock TT from the line to say 50mph (and sounds like a jet taxiing down the runway :D :D ). Marshall's car could easilly take any DOHC N/A I've ever driven (without nitrous..with nitrous that car would be deadly) and could probably hold its own quite well against a stock TT up into the low triple was really amazing. ALL of that said...Marshall has convinced me without a doubt to upgrade my exhaust...because.........DAMN!
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Marshall Na Marvin's rides are QUICK

They were over here last weekend. I was behind Marshall on a 2 lane near my house and it was like breathing race fuel. his exhaust is definitely free flowing and he burns through first and into second. An amazingly fast N/A. SuperC's car is defintely a jet sound and runs real well too. We didn't have a chance to do side x sides for comparison. Probably saved me from some head scratchin:eek:
Sounds like it was fun, which is more than i can say for my weekend. I went out to my friend's house for a few and managed to dislocate my right knee playing basketball. Was not enjoyable to say the least. Its going to be a few weeks before I can drive again, I should be walking in at least 1 week(but need pain killers). About a year ago i did the same thing to my left knee the day before homecoming, I went to the dance anyway just bc i was not wasting a damn 30 dollar ticket.
OUCH!!!!! I feel for ya man.
Wrath...that was fun! I'm still lauging about the "inertia mod" you added to my car:D I actually could feel us going faster! How about that second gear past the gas station??? Surprised a couple of people...let me know when you are ready to do that exhaust, mine is a full 2.5" all the way through.
Thanks for saying my car is shiny I take pride in my old paint. I try to wash and wax every week. Wrath's stripes are very nice. It was good to see everyone again and meet a few new people.
I had a good time too!! Had a ton of fun at TABU!!! I didnt get home till 6am!! I got arrested!!!!!!!! on my way home.

BTW, SuperC's car IS faster than a DOHC 3s. It wasnt my car and i wasnt gunna drive it like it was. I shifted slower than I would have, and did full lifts between shifts. I only did one real shift to 2nd and it barked them to 3rd. :)

Eric(missile99),Marvin(superC), Mike(vr4-owner), and myself went crazy at TABU. :D Thanks to Eric and Marvin for givin me some clothes to wear! I wouldnt want to go clubing in my BBQ clothes! They gave me some bling bling :D Mike got all F'ed up!! *hiccup*.....*hiccup* LOL. Had a great time.

Eric's car is badass! Sounds a little funny though ;) Eric: You have to get that piston posted on here!!

My ride home wasnt so fun! I got pulled over for "Car theft"!!! They said I stole my car! WTF? They ran my plate and it came up stolen! I got taken to the police department and everything!! I knew i should have slept at Erics!! Something fucked up always happens to me to or from a gathering!!
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:eek: Holy shit man....did you really.......damn man, I didn't think you'd get stopped!! Marshall and I just thought he'd pull you over and mess with you a little.......he actually took you IN!!!!???? Damn man..I'm really was just a goof!

Ok, I'm just pulling your leg.. We did no such thing......Still can't believe that happened though. What was their basis? Who filed the report?
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Remember when I got hit by the deer?? Well when it was at the shop somebody stole my plate. I reported it, and a week later it was mailed to my house(My plate not a replica) by the DMV. So I thought everything was cool, but the DMV didnt tell the police that it was found, I was suposed to do that I guess. It took them 1 hour to get everything sorted out! It was pretty scary for a while though. Its not like it was a big city, it was some ******* town just west of Orlando.
Glad you were "somewhat" recovered from your clubbing at the time! I almost got nailed on the way home too. After riding with Marshall I felt the need to "top out". Well after I went through the last $1.25 toll plaza out east....I NAILED it. I was up to ~135 when my radar detector started going batshit with Ka band!!! DOH! He was sitting just on the other side of one of those dirt mounds on either side of an overpass/bridge. Luckilly I had a car about 1/4 mile in front of me that he triggered...I IMMEDIATELY depressed the brake gently and downshifted to 4th.....I smoothly managed to descelerat to about 83 when I passed him and he pinged me....but I guess that wasn't fast enough for him to bust me.....never came after me. PHEW!!!!!!!!! BTW...I made it home in about 35 minutes!
I just wanted to say thanks to Marvin for hosting the gathering, had a blast. I swear Marshall's car has a turbo in hell of a car......Thanks for letting me drive it. I gotta get that manual tranny from marvin's friend.......what was that guys name again?
Wrathchild said:
Glad you were "somewhat" recovered from your clubbing at the time!
Yeah, me too!! :eek: It was about 4 hours from my last drink though. :D
Eric, Marvin: didnt you guys head up north this week?? ;) How did that go?
Got cancelled.

I had to stay at work and Eric's brakes are shot. We need to get those swapped. Hopefully we'll go at the end of the month. I'm glad to hear you guys had a great time. I'm slowly but surely garnering interest in the supercharged cars. :D
Actually, I can walk Marshall's car under certain circumstances. If the engine is cold, I'll get him off the line because of the sheer torque advantage that I have. After second, our HP ratings ave pretty close so I just hold him off. After that run, he'll start to walk me each time. I really need an alky kit to intercool my setup.
I found out what that rattling noise was. Turns out that the supercharger had vibrated the screws loose and was chattering against the bracket (It was my fault. I originally left it loose as I was going to add spacers and never got around to it). Just tightened it up and it was good to go. I SWEAR I got an extra 2 psi from that as my blow off valve was actually blowing off. It used to just give this little tweet. Now it actually whooshes before the tweet. I drove it after I tightened it and it pulled HARD!
Whoo-hoo! Tabu! Gotta love my bartender. He was pouring HEAVY (much to Mikes dismay. He got sick, TWICE!). That was the most fun I've had in a long time. I needed a break from going out with girls all the time. It's fun, but man do those girls chick block something fierce. I haven't been out on a Saturday in almost 9 months! I'm going to be quitting my bouncing gig soon. Not my crowd, and it kills my weekends. :rolleyes:
Eric, his name is Panino. Like I said, call my room mate. He can tell you more than me. PM me if you want his cell number. He's going on vacation soon.
Shovel, what the hell? :confused: Just a wierd night in general. I had fun though. We ended up getting called by the neighbors for being too loud. Seems like every time I'm at Eric's, we get in trouble with his neighbors. :( We need to do that again. It was fun playing "dress me up-Shovel" :D :p I still have half that box of burgers left, so food's not a problem.
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Re: Got cancelled.

Super C said:
It was fun playing "dress me up-Shovel" :D :p
:D :D "Hows this look??"...."how about this?" "Try this on" lol, You guys finally got me ready for the Ball. ;)

BTW, i got pulled over in Oakland, I thought that was in Cali but I guess not. ;) Good thing i didnt drink as much as some of the other members......hiccup....hiccup. I wont mention any names....hiccup....hiccup..:D We will have to do it again!
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