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Might have 2 say goodbye 3SI

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Guyz my car was appraised at 3700+ in damages
and the appraiser will come out tomorrow to ok it or claim it as total.
I can't tell you how bummed I am to hear that.
kbb retail my car at 6700 and some change at 75% that would be 5025 so I should still come in under the totaled amount........Right?
the plus at the end of the appraised damages won't be determined until they put the wheel back on and test drive it. The person that would do the work on it said he could hit the 5k easy if it needed more work. The place I took it to was M-2 Collision.
I hope everything turns out ok. :mad:

ps. It was a cool month rideing in that car
if even just for a while.
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