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max boost output

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Here in Brazil i am doing the following upgrades on my 1993 VR4:
replacing all intake system for a complete ARC-2 kit (including air/fuel control) plus new fuel injectors of 720cc , new Iridium sparks and brand new HKS fuel pump .
Also, we are installing Blitz boost controller and replacing all turbo pipes by 3" new ones - stainless steel - (would the stock intercooler handle new air volume?).
Complete exaust system is being replaced from downpipes up to mufflers (what about cathalic converter...what to do?).
All necessary gauges from Autometer are on the way.
With all these upgrades, what would be the max boost i can run my turbos in ? Doing so, how many hp am i adding to my "baby" ?
Am i missing any important upgrade ? (turbo timers or new BOV are really necessary?):confused:
Folowing steps for next year....replace pistons and other internal engine parts to install 50hp wet Nitrous.
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