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It's been a while since I've posted and ChargerX3 got me excited to work on my Stealth again and also suggested I post some of my stuff in here. All of these shots were taken on my old point and shoot, a Canon S50. They were all taken in manual mode but I don't recall any of the settings.

Any constructive criticism is welcome.

This was taken behind a restaurant on the way to Paia called Mama's Fish House. The food was alright, but the view was great.

This was taken from the right side of Hana bay.

This was taken from the left side of Hana bay. I spent a good 10 min trying to get that shot thanks to it being so hard to timing it just right. After the fact I wish I had gotten closer.

This was taken from a beach not far from our condo. Another one where I had to spend a good amount of time trying to get a good shot.

This was at Hana bay as well. After trying to get some good shots of waves coming in I came across this old rigging.

This is a waterfall on the road to Hana. I wanted to get closer but I had already broken the rules laid down by the "don't go there" sign of doom.

This is a shot looking back just starting down the road to Hana.

This is a shot about halfway down the road to Hana.

Depending on the reaction I get I'll have to post up some more shots.

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Ha ha, dont drag me into this. Glad to see you posting again...and may I the Photo section where all the biznazz goes down. Im jealous that you got to go the islands. It looks sooo nice. One day Ill go.

Well the ones that stuck out to me the most are 1,3,5,6. I think 1 is a great shot in that you got the curvature of the beach, the trees and the sky. My only quip is that your subject looks to be in the center and the boats tend to distract on the left a bit. I would probably pan to the right a bit more and use the rule of thirds on this one. the waves crashing. I always try to catch these as well when im shooting in Cali. In this one all i would really comment is possibly getting closer, or zooming in more, but not bad.

5...looks awesome. I love how you have the anchor chains in the foreground along with the boat and pier in the background. The boat does look to be a bit close to the rock, but its not bad. If i were to shoot it again i might move my body 2 inches to the right in order to pull the boat a little further away, but either way i really like this shot.

6...Probably my fav of the set. I love waterfall pics and this one has a great exposure setup. They flow so nicely and the colors are very appealing. Only advice here would be to step forward about 3 feet so that the branch above and the boulder aren't in the shot. I still really like this shot though. Great work!

Cant wait to see what you get with your new camera. We'll have to make a trip somewhere and do some practicing soon.

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I hate to revive an old thread, but I just rode the road to Hana today on a scooter and all I can say is Wow. That road is incredible. The scooter was, for the most part, faster than the larger vehicles-minus going uphill. The pictures look great, by the way.

The other day I was riding back from Lahaina and I was thinking to myself, "Hmm, how nice it would be to see a 3S cruise by right now... Ah, I want my car." Literally, a second after that thought occurred a 1st gen GT drove by! What a coincidence! It was definitely the highlight of the day.

Are there any 3Sers on Maui right now?

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