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Magic the gathering cards 4 sale

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Ok I went through all my cards not by looking up each ones value but another way. I counted all the land as $.05 a piece back in my day it was .10. Common's $1 and Rare's $3. To find commons and rares I counted 20 cards not including land the 21st card would count as a rare. I have over 700 cards.

When I was done I got a total price of $588.20 but I'll let them go for around $550 that will include shipping. My cards are in very very good condition and there are a lot more rare's than how I counted them. My cards are so good that during my last move (from HI to FL) someone stole all my ancient's and some rare's.

This is a good deal if no one buys I will be selling on ebay for over $588.

P.S. I'll also send all my card protective covers.
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Depending on what set they were from, they aren't worth near that much. I sold over 1500 of mine on ebay for a mere 100. That's what they go for (for huge collections.. check out the prices).. people just won't pay a lot of money for htem.

Whatever they are worth to you though..
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