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HEY im not that far away and have always wanted to go to or be in a meet i had four of these the one there is the sl but the way she drives they swear she's a tt, i have my 93 and just got everything redone so i could use some miles but im kinda stuck right now my prob is that i got those 6 pistons ap racing brake calipers with drilled and slotted rotors and one of my piston seals is busted been searching but noting ... i heard they carry seals for these but cat seem to find them,just thinking about getting another but just need driver side n i seems like everyone wants me to buy there kit so im kinda stuck like chuck... DO u know much about these cars im kinda new to 3si ,i still cant fig how to post a help form but u should hit me up on my page so we could disscuss this
421 - 434 of 434 Posts
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