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I have a 92 vr4 and there is a loud squeal coming from the left side of the engine compartment (as viewed from the drivers seat). This is not only frustrating, it's embarassing, especially at stop lights and drive throughs. The noise appears to be coming from the timing belt tensioner, the alternator, or the waterpump. My best guess right now, and most critical is the tensioner. Has anyone heard of a tensioner making noise or failing prior to 60,000 miles? Should I wait 8,000 miles for the 60,000 service, or should I panic and go for the timing belt / tensioner, waterpump etc. change early?

It's your ass. Dirve belt sliping. My does it a little just when I start the car up. I believe mine is cause by the under drive pulley I have on the car, or it just my be loose.

Hope this helps

Ted 92 TT
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