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loud engine knocking

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Today my engine ('91tt, 100k) started this awful knocking noise!Not on idle but around 2000-2500 rpm in first and second gear ,sounds like something got loosen . It comes from under the plenum picks up around 2500 rpm and last till 3500-4000 and dies , only if i push the gas pedal if it's reving down nothing.I hope it's not the rod , but if it's how much would it cost , can you do it yourself,and how to do it !
Thank you guys ! I need help now don't wanna drive the car , but no other !!!
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Just to make sure, do a search on lash adjuster tick and see if some of the descriptions sound like what you have. I hope it nothing bad man. Good luck.
I did search for hours before posting the thread .This noise is too loud and comes on higher rpm instead of idle. i'm affraid it's a spun rod, but hope never dies and don't want to take it to the service yet bc the f^%&$.you up!
Thanx anyhow !
Still need input !:confused:
Thanx guys !
If it's a knocking sound then it's doubtful that it's lifter tick.
I know this will sound strange, but I had something wierd like that as well, and it went away when I poured a bottle of that Chevron Fuel Injector cleaner in the tank... it kinda faded out and has never returned.

Can't hurt so i'll try the injector cleaner.
The worst thing is that i wasn't driving the car hard and this noise just came up .When i checked i noticed that the oil was low about 1 liter , but the oilgauge didn't show any different ( i really watch those gauges and there was no sign of running low in oil)
I hope i don't have to remove the engin eto replace the rod bearins and crank !
Thanx guys!
Still waiting more experince with simular problems!
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