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So I finally got the engine I recently rebuilt in my car, and I’ve been having a few problems with it. So first things first I have leaky caps in the ECU which is causing idle problems and cylinder 1 and 6 aren’t firing. I tested that with HHH and when I disable injector 1 and 6 there’s no change in idle note. I’ve already looked for vacuum leaks and boost leaks with a homemade leak down tester. I already ordered a Chrome ECU 91-93 so I can tune for the current mods and hopefully fix the idling problems.
After Driving it around my small neighborhood for around 5 minutes, there’s smoke pouring from the back of the engine bay and a slight hissing sound can be heard from what sounds like below the throttle body. I don’t believe it’s VSS as the block and head just got rebuilt. The smoke it white and doesn’t really have a strong smell which leads me to believe it’s coolant as I used a 70/30 mix with water wetter.I checked and replaced all the short hoses connecting from the water housing to the turbos as they were dry rotted so I don’t believe that’s it. I didn’t drive the car after this happened but I did let it idle for roughly 20 minutes to see if it was just coolant or oil somewhere that needed to be burned off but it’s constantly smoking a little bit. Any ideas?
Thanks guys!!

Edit: Just started the car and got underneath after jacking it up and I saw an active leak from the power steering pump pressure line and a lot of engine oil on the bottom of the block where the oil pan meets the block. I can’t find where the engine oil leak is coming from though…
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