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Losing every race...

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Holy crap...

Has anyone played gran Tourismo 3 on the Playstation 2??? The first thing I did was go out and win about $130,000 and I got the 3000gt VR-4. I boosted her up to about 800 hp.(cost every penny I had) I didn't put much into the suspension because the game is supposed to model hte performance of the actual cars right. BTW if you read my other thread I have only been drooling over these cars for about a week.

Continuing on with the story....

The car blows everybody out of the hole, I mean they totally can't hang, even in the professional league races. But I f****** spin out every time on the corners. It will not stay on the road. I couldn't take the circle track at more than 110 mph, where in my vette I take it at 150mph.... What gives???

I plan on playing all night tonight to get some money up and put a suspension on it. I hope that helps. Anyways my dream car is still a VR 4 but my expectations are shot.

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yeah, suspention will help.

im assuming though that you havent gotten tires yet. tires are one of the biggest things in the game as far as handleing goes, so if you havent gotten them yet, get tires first.
ummmmm u didn't get a racing tranny?
:shakes head:
go get a guide and read it. and find how to tune the cars, geez. what DL are u up to?

BTW i just competed the beginner and amateur classes and at about 55%-60% completion.

If u have some questions I can help.

I got a set of racing semi- soft and then the super softs. The supers wear out REAL quick. After 2 laps they're toast(surely not because of my balls to the wall driving;) )

Not enough $$ yet for the tranny, and still working on a full suspension face lift. We've got the A B and IB licences. I just got the game about 4 days ago, so I'm still working on learning everything. Only about 4% complete with the game.

If anybody has found a bad ass sleeper, let me know.
With our cars can you say UNDERSTEER? GT1 GT2 and GT3 all show this achilles heel with the 3/S. The only race to be competitive is the Test Track circut for the Turbo class. The staged weight reductions help but you need crazy engineering to make it competetive on all levels.
i found the best use for the vr4 in GT3 was the rally. Once u get the vr4 up to 1036hp (the max) put the best suspension on it and raise it all the way. It's got AWD so it can rally, and the cars u race against have 299 hp, so they can hang with you on the turns, but in the end u go soooo fast that u win by like a minute.
LOL! I love my VR-4 in GT3. You've got to learn how to drive it if you want to be in the mix. Ever play wipEout on the Playstaion? You have to drive the VR-4 like that. Start to turn well before the turn, slide a little in to the turn, go 1/2 throttle until you get hooked bakc up, then drop the hammer and shoot out of the curve. It literally kills the tires, but it smokes the other cars like it's not even funny. ;)

I've done zero suspension mods, and I use only mildly upgraded tires. Just don't try to drive next to me going in to a curve, as you are only a blink of an eye from becoming a rolling gaurd rail. :D
It's kinda hard to race a VR-4 full blown in GT2 or 3, but since I'm poor and stuck playing 2 I'll tell ya what I do. First upgrade the hell out of the suspension, brakes, weight reduction, drivetrain, LSD, brake controller, etc. Run the hell out of the car, get used to it, etc., THEN mod the engine. Always upgrade the suspension, tires, etc., before the rest. I can kick quite a bit of ass with my VR-4 in GT2 and even my EVO in GT2. I'd rather have the ass end come around during braking then understeer and do controlled slides, so I set the brake balance controller to like 18 for the rear and 10 for the front or 12. Mess around with the settings. Anyone get their VR-4 faster then a 10.00x in the 0-400M drag? Fastest I've gotten ever was the 180SX Dragster, 9.6-something. Didn't try too much though. Top speed I've gotten was like 255 with the Tuscan Speed 12. Talk about hard to drive, try hitting corners at 255mph! :D
I personally think the VR4 sucks in the gran turismo games and rarely use it. In fact I rarely use any of the jap turbo cars. Except the rx-7 which I enjoy. On GT2 my best mph (w/o) drifting was 266mph with the Toyota GT-One Road Car. Buy the Escudo and you will beat a 9.6 1/4 right out of the box. On GT3 my best 1/4 is an 8.6xx w/ the F-094S and a top speed of 272mph with the Supra (or the 680+mph I hit with the Esucdo but that was with some tuning tricks that I don't consider too realistic).
understeer undershmear, you just gotta get used to driving in video games. right before your sharp turn, turn the other direction then turn the way you wanna go, this'll throw the rear end out and then you just gotta control the slide through the corner, easy as pie ;)
Yeah, oversteer is the name of the game :) You gotta get used to it. I don't use my VR-4 in GT2 as much anymore except in top speed races (like the Test Track and stuff). I got an LM Spec RX-7 with 650 or so HP and it doesn't weigh much at all :D Been kicking some ass in it for a while. Did have a Mustang Cobra (*GASP*) that had a full suspension/weight red./brake/tire setup with hardly any enigne mods. it handles pretty good if you keep the engine mods light.. then you go too fast for its own good.
Deathsled said:
understeer undershmear, you just gotta get used to driving in video games. right before your sharp turn, turn the other direction then turn the way you wanna go, this'll throw the rear end out and then you just gotta control the slide through the corner, easy as pie ;)
right! u have to get use to shifting the weight of the car and that's the best way to get it drifting in the corners, but then again with my r34vspec i have the tourq +ed to the rear wheels with the tourq distabuter(SP) and that helps a ton. but once u get any of the F1 cars, the "open races" are just a little easier. muahahahahhahaah. the JGTR cars are nice too. the C5R is great from the little i have raced it's at about 940hp and i just got the orca viper. also the best all around car i have found was one of the ZZ's, that's AWD and moddable up to 9XX hp. and did i say it's light!!

get a RUF RGT ... (the porche 911 carrera) it is the fastest car i have found yet ... 1/4 times for me have been 9.00 sec flat ... and its top speed is like 265 or so ... it is the fastest i have found yet ... it beats the VR4 out of the hole to .... but my best handling car that i have is the Camaro race car ... mine has every mod and since it is N/A it only has 945 hp .... but can out handle all the other cars i have car list is this:
3000gt vr4 (every mod in the game)
300zx tt (every mod)
RUF RGT (every mod) ruf is like saleen but with porches
supra tt (every mod)
subaru wrx rally car (every mod)
camaro race car (every mod)
mustange cobra R (every mod)

buy a suzuki escudo (special car). AWD, light as hell, ~950 HP, i hit 8.8XX in the 400m.
did the same thing.. maxed out the vr-4 and raced a maxed out skyline and the vr-4 won. it was nutts
I race the 1000HP VR4 as my car iun the game...

Racing tranny, full suspension and weight reduction mods, lowered, LSD, AND the stickiest tires I could find. As long as you don't have to worry about tire wear, you're fine.

Drive it like mentioned above. I spank all the other cars with this setup. It will eat tires, though.
As long as we're on the topic, what do guys think about the 2 views? GT 2 and 1 spoiled me with that farther back view of the car. I hate the inside view. And the outside view right on the tail kind of blocks the view of the turns. Maybe you just get used to it?
I'm getting used to the closeup view. I've had the game for about a week and a half. I ran all the arcade stuff first so I don't really have anything going as far as my own cars go yet. I did buy the VR4 once but didn't save it. A word of advice for newcomers- Don't sell the cars you win untill you see if there are races you need them for first. I wasted lots of $$ buying cars I sold to complete races.:mad:

For the record I still like GT2 better.
In gt2 I went 10.2 in the 400 with one of my vr4s.
Did not get to play gt3 yet.:mad:
FYI: the F1 cars make the escudo feel like a pig.
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