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I delted my last post, well here we go aain a little different this time.

I am looking for a 3000GT SL, or a dodge stealth ES..... i have 7 grand to pay at the MOST..... here are the specifications ii would like but any offer is welcome
- Automatic
- Around 100,000 Miles at most
- Any color except white or red. preferably black or blue
- CD Player
- Nice Body

Im Not a very picky person so any offers or whatever are welcome. Looking for around 6 thousand or less, but would go up to 7 if everything was right. Has to be one that is reliable and can run. Would like the person to be in california bay area or somewhere around there so i dont have to pay for shipping. Hey make an offer will full specs and price tag and preferably a few pics, i am sure we could work out a deal.

Let me know.

E-mail me at [email protected]

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1991 SL in great shape

New lower end motor
New tires
New starter
new oil pump
88k miles
Pearl White

[email protected]
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