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looking for parts?

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anyone looking for parts from a 94 3000gt? email me with what you need and your offer.
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im not sure if you have what i want, but i have a 92 3000GT, and i dont like my center piece between the brakelights. i want one of the newer ones that isnt all red, and says 3000GT on it instead of mitsubishi. it is the one with the round reverse lights and not square. im sure if you have it, you know what im talkin about. if you do, let me know. i would like a green one, but if you have it, let me know either way. thanks.
maybe you have'em

hey, I'm looking for the condensor fan and radiator fan, also I'll need the blinkers or turn signals lights. If you have some or all this parts let me know at [email protected]

got crunched this past weekend & need a right front directional, housing w/ lens cover for my 94 base. Will gladly take it off your hands if it's still available!! Please E me at [email protected] if we can help each other out.
Many tanks! :)
what color was your car, how much for the left and right side skirts if they are in good shape
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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