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Looking for an AWD kit

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Is it possible to get an AWD off a VR-4 and put it on a base 3000GT? The reason I ask is I tried to race a GT Mustang last night, and I dropped the clutch at 3k and she just spun out all to hell. And I can't buy a VR-4 (insurance + $$ for car), and my parents won't let me sell this one. So just wondering if anyone had an AWD system for sell, and how much. Thanks!
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you just need to learn how to launch.. and you're more likely to get wheel hop than just sit there and spin..

But no.. there are no kits.. it's pretty much impossible to convert FWD to AWD.. you could do it, but with the $$ you'd spend and time you'd take it'd be much more economical just buy a VR-4.
well dangit. I should just sell it and buy something I won't have to worry about spending money on. Considering I don't have money anyways. Just pisses me off. Can't even launch at 3k without killing something ;x
awd wont bolt up, the undercarriage of the NAs isnt the same...
Just get street drags!! Nittos or BFgoodrich makes some good sticky tires!!!!
Yea, I guess so. I never thought about drag radials. How much do them things usually run? (I'm not abuot to put new tires on my stock wheels...even if they are going bald. Getting a new set of rims ASAP).
haha.. dude.. if you can't launch without getting some wheel hop and spinning for a little bit then you need to learn to drive right.. you don't need drag radials or anything like that.. just learn to launch.. maybe try some new tires or something.. but you're not putting near enough power out to warrant buying drag radials.
SilverBullet said:
but you're not putting near enough power out to warrant buying drag radials.
Not yet ;)
even with a SC you still shouldn't.. it won't make you that much faster ;) and if you can't launch now, more power won't help you launch better :p
Just rev the engine to 2500 and then dump it, but dont completely floor it til about 20mph when you are on not so smooth roads. I actually took a 01 Stang GT from a light because he didnt know how to launch it, but he started to pull me by the time we hit 50. I need a few more ponies to beat those things.:cool:
I think I figured it out. I took my friend up the road and I stopped and laucned from 2500 RPM. I didn't step on the gas that hard either until around 30 MPH. It did spin tires pretty hard during launch, but it was pulling pretty good though. I might try it out this weekend at High Point, see how it does.
See, I told you.......heheh.......j/k
Get a Limited Slip Differential from Quaife. I beleive they run 1K + 300-500 to install. That will improve your launch big time.
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