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Looking for a custom subwoofer box???

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My name is david trentman and i am president of Kustom Image Performance Racing... we do a lot of performance work and custom stereo stuff... I've go an oppurtunity for everyone... Have you been looking for a custom fit box for your stealth or 3000gt?? well i can get you one... they are a lil pricy, not much more than store bought ones, but they fit perfectly into the back of your car... E-mail me at [email protected] if you want pics and a price... i also have various wasy to get car audio for cheap.. just e-mail me and ask.. tryign to help out fellow 3si members...

David Trentman
President of Kustom Image Racing
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I need some replacement 10" subs. I already have a custom box in the back, but I got the cheapest subs I could get. Do you have any of the newer Pioneer subs? I have old pioneers in the car right now. Don't I just swap them out? Won't the new subs just fit right where the old subs were without any other modifications?
10" subs

Yes all you have to do is switch them out.. but if you would let me know what kind and watt amp you and and if you know it the volume of the box you are using... Just looking out for your best interest, pioneer subs aren't anythignt hat great.... lemme know...
I have 2 kappa dvc 12s, they take about 1cu ft each. Do you have any pics of a custom fit box that can house these subs? My setup is a little sloppy. It has to be sealed. Thanks.
prefab woofer boxes? :rolleyes:

subwoofers are designed to perform within very tight specifications. i doubt that would be the best box for anyone's subs. Remember, all subs are designed to operate with so much air space, etc. Just my $0.02

that is correct

Yes subs are designed to perform within certain air volumes... i am not tlakign of just one type of box, these boxes are made as you order them to the specifics you need for volume for the subs... there is one common set up that is used though and that is the pic i sed.. it has around 1.1 cubic feet... E-mail me if youj want the pic, [email protected]
E-mail me

If eberyone would do me a favor and e-mail me at my business e-mail it would help out a lot, thanx [email protected]
Awesome! Post a pic so we can get an idea of what it looks like.

posting the pic

here si the attached pics.


if that didn't work

try these



silent thunder, i can get you 2 kicker comp 10" subs for $175 brand new with manufactures warranty.. tell me what you think....
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