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Looking for a 91-94 3g base,sl,vr-4 it doesn’t matter!

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I’m currently looking to own my first ever 3g doesn’t matter condition, as long as it’s not a pile of parts

my current budget is 2500-3500 and have things up for trade as well
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Don't know where you are but in Brunswick, Ohio I have a 91 ES with 130,000 miles. Strong engine with a new clutch. I parked it two years ago and I can't find the key. I think it needs a clutch master cylinder (or maybe just blead) since the clutch pedal went all the way to the floor and stayed there.
I also have a 92 base model with 149,000 miles also with a new clutch. Also can't find the key. Last time I started it two years ago power steering fluid shoot out under the car. Maybe a bad fitting but could also be the rack & pinion.
I have to have them towed out by Friday and I would really hate to send them to salvage.
Both white with the body in nice shape.
Clean titles

1991 ES. $1500
1992 base $1000



Brunswick, Ohio


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