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lo-buck 12 sec 1st gen dsm help need

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Winter is coming and im looking for a second car so i can put my baby is storage. I am looking for a 1st gen GSX or TSI AWD to use as a winter car and in the summer being able to take it auto-x and to the strip so i dont put too much wear and tear in my VR-4.

I've been able to find a few 1st gens for reasonable prices (2000-3500) and i would like to make it a 12 second car as cheaply as possible without sacrificing too much. Rememeber this car will be daily driven during winter.

If ya'll can give price quotes or estimates that would be greatly appreciated. I know i could get a mbc and intake and that'll cost me 100 bucks or so....what else can i get on the cheap.

ONe more thing....could the vr4/tt 4 pot brakes work with 1st gen dsms master cyclinders and would they fit/work with the smaller rotors since i would like to keep wheel sizes around 15-16 inches....i really want to make this car a sleeper if possible.

ok....enough said here.....if ya'll can give me some info that would be greatly appricated...thanks fellas.
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I think you'll need at least a 16G if you want to get 12's in a DSM. Since you'll be getting a 1st gen, you can get this turbo upgrade for cheap.

Go to the forums at and ask them about it in the car related section. There are a few guys in the 12's w/ 1st gen DSM's.
You'll need:
<li>FMIC - Buschur Racing
<li>Forced Performance Green turbo - with enlarged internal WG from (or use external WG)
<li>SupraTT fuel pump
<li>VPC and/or SAFC
<li>full 3-inch exhaust - Buschur
<li>ported 2g exhaust manifold
<li>ported EVO o2 housing from
<li>ACT 2600 clutch

That'll net you deep 12s all day long and most likely solid 11s.

Use a 1992-1994 DSM for best results. 94's have the best trannies.

There is only one DSM in the world with VR4 brakes and they were a very pricey custom job. Look for the name "Manuel Go" in some old import magazines.
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12's eh? All you need is the following....

Car running in good condition (get a tune up if necessary)
All Free Mods
14b Turbo (stock on 1st gens)
3" or 2.5" full exhaust with test pipe
walbro 255LPH fuel pump
Manual boost controller set at 20 psi
Race gas (c16 or equivelant)
K&n or other open air intake
Boost Gauge
Crushed factory BOV (help hold PSI)
Maybe some portwork
2g exhaust manfold (flows MUCH more than 1g)
High performance clutch (ACT 2600 or 2900 suggested)
Good Tuning
You should be able to get 12.4 with a good driver with these simple mods, shouldnt spend over 1200 bucks if you did the labor yourself.
DSM's Rule
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is 20psi the maxium safe level of boost?
could an old tt or vr4 fuel pump work instead of the walbro?
does the full exhaust include a downpipe?
what about an upper IC pipe upgrade?
I could probably hit 12s without having to change the exhaust manifold would i....i dont want to go to major....1200 bucks still doesnt sound bad at all for parts especially since im finding gsx's and tsi awd for 2500-3100 dollars with 80-90K miles....not bad mileage wise because theyre all 91-92
which year dsm would be prefered ?
Dude, doing all the free mods will get you into high 13s most likely. Getting lower and you'll need BPU. Fortunately compared to our cars, working on DSMs is like working on a Taurus.
what free mods are there on the dsm's
i know theres some kind of restriction in the airbox you can remove and it would free some power up....but what else
go to and check out the free mods and instructions there. all they are is removing one of the honeycombs in the airbox, cutting out the BOV dump tube extending deep into the air intake hose. crushing the BOV to hold higher boost pressure, removing the the boost control solenoid restrictor (good for about 2 extra psi) upgrade your upper Intercooler piping. this can be done real cheaply if you're mechanically inclined. just buy some 2" or 2.5" pvc pipe at a hardware store and the appropriate rubber couplings to attach. can also do your lower IC pipe like this. all these mods plus this full turbo back exhaust 2.5" or 3" including the down pipe and a straight pipe for your catlytic and a boost controller should easily put you in the 13's with AWD.
i also have a 2g eclise spyder gst so i know quite a bit about them. i have done most of those free mods. Upper IC pipe, BOV, rmoved dump tube, removed boost restrictor. these are very very easy and will only take a couple hours at most. i also was keeping track of this gst eclipse they were doing basic bolt ons and dynoing after each. the numbers were something like this.
Stock it dynoed at 170hp at the wheels.
K+N open air filter +10whp
1st gen BOV
thermal research 2.5 cat back exhaust: +4whp
stright pipe relpacing cat:+19whp
2.5 down pipe:+9whp
manual boost controller:not positive but when they turned up the boost i think they max hp gain of almost 40whp in the lower rpm range!
as you can see this car responds very very well to mods and it is relatively lightweight and awd. other than a vr4 or lancer evo these cars rock!
anyone know if an old starion IC would work to....i know its bigger...or many routing one of the small side mounts to another sidemount.....kinda of a duo IC....any ideas?
actually...hell i think the starion IC is bigger than our 3/s IC....would one starion IC be more effient than our two sidemounts becasue i know ive seen old starions IC used as front mounts for dsms
The starion/conquest intercoolers have pretty much the same efficiency of the stock SMIC's in a DSM, except they dont get heat soak, and i think theres another PSI or 2 pressure drop. The maximum safe boost level on a DSM with stock fuel system is 16 Psi, but like i said, with a high flow fuel pump, and some 117 octane or so race gas, you can safely run 18-20 psi on a 14b at the track.
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