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LMAO! A Volkswagon

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I dunno, I was with my girlfriend going back to her house in Kernersville on I-40. And this LOUD ass car is moving in and out of traffic. Well, I get behind him and decide he's going to slow and pass him.........well he doesn't like this. It's not a Beetle either, it's some old Golf or something. Definate ricer....had neons inside, car looked like shit, and it was about loud. also covered with stickers. Well, he pulls up beside me, and I'm doing about 80, so I drop it in 3rd and gun it.......instantly loose him due to his comming up on traffic. Well, I slow it back down to 80 and cruise some more. He decides he wants another piece........comes FLYING up beside me at around 100, and when I see him comming up I drop it to 3rd again and gun the time his front end reached my right side mirror, I was pulling hard. Geez, I have a 3000GT and the best race I have gotten in a month is a stupid Volkswagon, wtf?
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hahaha, way to show em who's the boss!
nice kill, reminds me of this kid around here that has a new beatle with a giant exhaust tip and his licensce plate says "RYCEETR" or something of the like. moron has a guage pod on his a-pillar with no guages in it.
golf "ricer":confused: think you mean "crauter":D
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