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1. Forged pistons and stock rings (havnt decided what brand or if there will be an overbore
2. Polished/shotpeened stock rods
3. Forged Crank
4. Head work in my sig
5. Swain tech coatings on piston tops/head combustion chamber
6. Swain coating on the skirts to reduce friction

anything else I will need let me know, and if you have any opinions on the stuff I have listed let me know.

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Thanks alot George... got it all back together and the timming belt slipped and toasted the heads... so now that I am sending the heads to GTpro I am going to rebuild the motor while it is out and then I will get the stand alone and injectors very soon so now all I have to do is get the work done and it all together, now that funding isnt a concern.

BTW I have to have it done soon so I can beat you before you lock your car away :D :D :D

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Here's a list of suggestions. This is what's in my motor. :D

GT PRO Stage VII "Drag-Pro" engine.

GT PRO/ROSS piston set with Total Seal rings and 4340 taper wall pins and spirolox 92mm.
GT PRO/Pauter Rods with ARP studs
All machine work for the motor
Detail crankshaft & champfer oil galleys
Balance and blueprint
Kool Case crankshaft and deburr
Full overhaul set from Mitsubishi
Competition. 3 angle valve job
GT StageV port and polish
New 2nd gen. lifters
GT PRO aggressive grind camshafts
Torque plate bored on the block
New factory head bolts and hardware
Rod bearings
GT PRO built assembly
FULL Metalaxe stress relieve on all components
Sonic Testing
ALL NEW timing components (bearings, idlers, tensioner bearing, hydraulic tensioner), oil pump
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