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lights on 91-94 stealth

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can u swap the 91 lights, that u do snake eyes to, with the 94+ lights, or atleast make it so they dont pop out of the hood
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If you don't want them to pop out of the hood then do the snake eyes mod.. As for switching them with the 2nd gen style headlights, I think it may be possible. It would cost a whole lot of loot, though.
If you don't want them to pop out of the hood, you can just
take the relay out, and they won't pop up. But it doesn't allow
enough light to come through for real headlights. There are lot's of FAQ's on how to wire up the switch for snake eyes, it's a great free mod. As for converting to 2nd gen head lights, yes, it does take a good chunk of money, because you have lots of parts to buy: lights, hood, bumper(?) almost the whole front end. There are people that have done it, and I'm sure there is a long thread about it some where. Use the search engine.
it is possible to put 94+ lights on to the first gen. like Bios24 said you need new hood, lights, and bumper comes to around $1750 for new parts, I actually just sold my lights and bumper so check around for people parting out there cars and might get a deal. Also if you would have the patients to do a custom projection setup something that looks like the 300zx

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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