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lights dim and stereo turns off

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I am having a problem whenever I use something in the car that draws power; brakes, power windows. My headlights dim to almost half the brightness that they should be and the dash lights dim drastically. Also I have a aftermarket cd player that will turn on and off when I am drawing power for the windows. I get the alternator whine through my speakers as well. Today I went to put both windows up at the same time and I didn't know if they were going to make it all the way. This is usually worse after the car has been driven for a while. I took the car to the auto part place and had them check the alternator with their little computer thing while the it was still in the car. It checked out alright, but they said they could test it better if I removed it. Is there anything else that can be causing this. Thanks

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Check the connections on the battery. And use one of those file things to clean the acidic shit off of it.

I have a brand new optima red top, so it shouldn't be the battery and the connections are clean. Any other ideas?

Power drain

Check your battery cables for corrosion or bare spots(whole cable)
Then I would get your alternator checked.
Check where the big wire from the battery bolts onto the fuse box under the hood. That's the only part everything has in common. And yes, get a voltage reading of your car at idle, off, etc.
Do you have an Underdrive Pulley on your car?
no underdrive pulley. I'll check that big wire this afternoon. Thanks for the replies this far guys.

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