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Left Speechless...

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I am driving my friends '99 Lexus LS 430 at about 10:30 at night on a weekend with him riding shotgun. For those not familiar with the car, it ranks in close to Benz E-430 territory. So as we cruise around looking for some good races, we come upon an F-Body with dual exhaust. A Formula? Trans AM? LS-1 'Maro. Nay, only a base Firebird. My same friend has a V6 Mustang with dualies and this sounded quite similar. It didn't have the low V8 gurgle so that got us suspicious. It was also plastered with stickers on the front of either door panel. Stickers that wouldn't normally be on any car. Much less a domestic. Momo, K&N, other indeciferables, maybe even a local speed shop sticker. Quite an odd car.
We try and antagonize the guy to race us but he just doesn't seem to give in. Finally we have a little go at it from about 30 mph. The V8 Lexus obeys smoothly and we jog by him. We both are flying down the road now at speeds in excess of 100mph. "ALRIGHT!!!" My and my buddy say as it appears we are both going to catch a red light.
The Firebird pulls up next to us at the light: middle aged guy, backwards hat, glasses, MOMO shoulder pad...seems quite jovial. "You ready??" I yell from the drivers side. "Am I ready...I really shouldn't be racin' you guys tonight."
Ok now me and my friend are both thinking, what, one more ticket and your license is revoked, or your driving on a suspended license right now?...."Why not?"
"I really shouldn't be racing you guys, I'm still on duty." At that moment he proceeds to show us the Police Dept. crest on the left breast of his black muscle T shirt. "Have a good night gentlemen." Green light, he rolls away, leaving us stopped at the intersection...

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Hahaha ... that's AWESOME dude. I love cops that do cool shit ... there's a cop that hangs with us draggers sometimes ... he even peeled out once for us ... awesome guy and he's really cool about stuff. He will still bust you if you are endangering other people, but he lets the dumb stuff slide. Sounds like you guys must have just about shit yourselves. :D
Okay, that story had an abrupt twist!:D That is weird, so now the cops drive domestic rice cars? Or do you think the guy was just a poser?
The new and improved unmarked car, comepletely able to blend into the surroundings . . .
my cousin's husband is a SC state trooper, and he was telling me how they took delivery of all different colors of camaros and stuff, you cant tell them from your everyday fbody....
Well written story! :) Hah that cop sure did a kick ass thing.
Damn, thats a awesome story. For awhile i was wondering why you were telling the story then when u said the last part i was like jeeez. I hope i have that luck with a policeman.
HOTTT SHIT MAN...nice twist I never expected that. :eek:
sweet story. Cops like that are cool, wish i had some like that around me

Yea we have a cop like that out where I live. He sits at the end of the drag and clocks the 1/4. He's a great guy. One thing about that kind of cop. You have to be careful. For one, most of them won't bust you unless you are just being REALLY stupid, and then they come down extra hard on you to show everyone that they need to obey the rules. Or what is worse, is that they know more people on a 1 on 1 first name basis, and anything you do gets back around to them. Oh well....

Great story, wish i had been there
some cops can be pretty damned cool, we've got a trooper here in town that drives a 12 second supra mrk IV.... the fastest car in our little motorscade of "ricers" (big american car town) im the 2nd fast car though, and when he's on duty.... muwahahaaha

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