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I think I'll be getting me a pair of those lights. Beam pattern looks excellent. I won't be running them snake-eyes style as I have the JDM snake eyes with the back silvered because of the amber LED inside it, but I digress. They look exactly like what I want. Good looks, and actual light output.

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Well Fluffy, that's good news because it validates my decision to purchase these. A bonus (for me) is that while it isn't a direct plug in (I know the amazon page shows adaptors), the mods to make it work are simple enough that anyone can do it if they are patient.

When I started the research phase, I thought I'd have to get a seperate LED strip to achieve the DRL look.

The only issue I've found is that you lose the highbeams but as I've said, it's been my experience that with a single lo/hi lamp you can adjust if for either the low or high but not both.

To review, I wanted LEDs that are projector style, with a DRL ring ({bonus that it comes with the parking/turn yellow as well) and multiple projectors for the snake eyes to make them bright enough to use at night if desired. Plus (as if all that isn't enough), you can also put an on/off/on switch in the cabin to switch between DRL and parking rings.

After I was done with the mods, my old trick of raising the buckets manually an inch or so (I just love the look of that little peeking up of the bucket) nets so much light it's gratifying that my extensive research paid off.

And having someone reinforce that is very nice. Thank you very much.
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