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My 3000 came w/ cloth seats, but I've given in and decided to get leather seats. I checked out the sites from the post below (, etc) but they only offer racing seats. I'm just intrested in replacing the factory cloth w/ leather. Anyone know of any sites that have prices or know prices yourself?

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I was also thinking of buying leather seat covers to replacing my leather seats. They are woren, cracked and toren but very expensive to replace. More than $700 a piece. I think i'll just deal with it. Here is one website that I have found:

If anyone has found a better price please let us know!

Ryan T.
1993 3000GT SL

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A friend of mine who works for a Honda dealer here in New Jersey has contacts with a company they use to put leather in cars w/o that the customers request leather in. They have aftermarket skins which they fit onto the stock cloth seats. He is charging me $1000 to do the whole car. In my opinion, their skins are better than factory and closely match the factory color. I am sure someone does that near you.

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