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Leading Flowing Muffler???

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Guys check out this muffler. The muffler is call " PowerTone ". They claim it flows better than the leading brands. Especially the Hooker Muffler which was one of the best flowing mufflers out there.

The site is:

Check it out and tell me what you guys think.;)

BTW: I emailed them asking them to present some Dyno Charts so I will tell you guys if they ever send them but check the site out anyway.;)
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Well guys I just got off the phone with them after my email didnt get sent because of an email address problem. Seems like there new site is:

I also asked them about Dyno Readings and a Flow Chart. He said he did an experiment on a 5.0 Stang and the PowerTone Muffler flow'd 30% better than the aftermarket flowmaster.

He said he did one on a N/A 3000GT with 2.5 inches and found an extreamly different trottle response. He said it was soooooooo much better than stock.

Call me speculative but I am not fully convinced that they are that great.

What do you guys think??:confused:
almost all exhaust will give you relatively same performance number: next to none..haha. unless your stock exhaust is super restrictive and you are pushing so much more power than stock i doubt it matters what brand of exhaust you get.

the construction of the exhaust is a different story. the factor that decides how much an exhaust cost is most likely where its manufacture and the quality of the material they use as well as quality of hte construction.
hey cuz .. Mustangs come stock with flowmasters !!!

Keep looking around ! u'll find one Thermal , magnaflow .. etc *cough*aero chamber*cough* (flows 70% better)

Ps u need psi for n/a
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